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Building innovative solutions for a simplified SharePoint experience.

With an extraordinary expertise in SharePoint design, we provide collaboration portals to enhance user adoption. With a newly branded portal, our team will help create a virtual workspace that increases user efficiency and contributes to long-term prosperity.

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  • SharePoint Experts
  • UI + UX Designers
  • Solution-Driven Developers
  • Client-Oriented Leaders

Our Philosophy

With over 17 years of experience, our team recognizes common user pain points across SharePoint portals of all shapes and sizes. As a result, the PixelMill Philosophy is driven by successful and innovative solutions. It's simple; we believe each site should meet four core principles:


A robust framework that encompasses an intuitive design + layout.


Global collaboration that is both mobile-friendly + responsive across devices.


Fluidity across each portal, matching both company culture + message.


Thoughtful navigation + interaction; a simplified web experience that makes sense.

Our Approach

We use a variety of methods to discover the parts of your site that can benefit from individualized and intuitive customization. Based off our findings, we will design and develop your site that will appeal to all users.

Our Work

Since 1998, our team has had the luxury of working with a variety of technology sectors, corporate entities, and government agencies, spanning across many industry verticals, including Education, Finance, Legal, Healthcare, Energy, Consulting, and eCommerce.

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