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About PixelMill. Leading the Way.
PixelMill delivers Modular Design Solutions for the Evolving Web

PixelMill serves as the Web's central source of solutions for the site builders looking to capitalize on the benefits of Web 2.0. PixelMill is the Web's premiere one-stop-shop featuring high quality templates, images, video, audio, add-ons, platform-specific solutions, training, and custom services for developers' Web design needs.

PixelMill's digital library offers the Internet's largest selection of high quality, guaranteed royalty free and free of copyright concerns, templates and tools with more than 2,500 Web, Microsoft Expression Web, SharePoint Designer, Adobe Dreamweaver, FrontPage, and HTML templates, more than 2,000 PowerPoint templates, over 9,000 stock images, and over 4,500 royalty free music tracks.

Modular Site-Building Solutions

Build and customize the right solution

As buyers of brand new cars work with dealers to select from a host of custom options to assemble just the right look, feel and functionality into the car of their dreams, Web designers and site builders look to PixelMill to put together just the right elements to create semi-custom Web sites to meet specific purposes. PixelMill leads its customers and partners into a new era of digital and modular design solutions that combine a variety of technologies, including web, presentation, video, audio, dynamic functionality, featured training, custom services, and more to quickly create compelling Web sites.

Royalty Free, Copyright and License Guarantee

A trusted source of copyright-safe templates

In addition to quality and customer service arenas, PixelMill differentiates itself from all similar providers in an increasingly crucial matter: PixelMill ensures that all its products are guaranteed royalty free, free of copyright concerns and meet all code licensing requirements. Self-regulating, PixelMill has combined professional graphic design and industry-standard code into every copyright safe website template. This guarantee offers a ready-to-use, legally approved and trusted source of original Web templates and themes that allow the end-user to rapidly build distinctive Web sites and presentations.

PixelMill is the only web template company to have image licensing agreements with the top three stock image providers: Jupiterimages, Getty Images and Corbis.

PixelMill Earns Partnerships with the Industry's Most Influential Image and Software Providers

Leading Industry Partnerships

PixelMill's company-wide commitment to self monitoring and regulation in regard to its coding standards, its usage of images, music and other rights-managed elements, has earned it the trust of many of the industry's most influential companies.

Below is a summary of key partnerships, collaboration and/or agreements PixelMill has entered in recent years:

  • Independent image licensing agreements with Jupiterimages, Getty Images and Corbis to include stock photography in PixelMill web and PowerPoint templates
  • Royalty Free Music distribution agreement with Jupiterimages to sell music tracks for use with PowerPoint and web templates
  • Image distribution agreement with Jupiterimages to sell stock photography from Jupiterimages' AbleStock and Photos.com collections
  • Agency agreement with Jupiterimages to streamline image licensing for templates by a growing PixelMill designer network for web and PowerPoint templates
  • Collaborative efforts with:
    • ProStores to develop ProStores-enabled templates designed to work with eBay's off-eBay eCommerce solution
    • SixApart to develop TypePad-enabled templates designed to work with SixApart's TypePad blog solution
    • Microsoft to develop Web template solutions for Expression, PowerPoint and Office applications

Web Designer and Site Builder Education and Training Source

Customer success through focused education and training

PixelMill is home to one of the Internet's most professional series of Webinars, education and training programs to support its products, services and matters relating to Web site design. PixelMill authors and publishes on-site and downloadable tutorials - based on its own experiences with its own products, tools and resources - to make site building quick and easy.

In Web developer and site builder circles, PixelMill's e-newsletters are considered authoritative, delivering insights regarding new technology, trends, and special applications that affect Web publishing and help customers find better and more efficient ways of using PixelMill.com. More than 15,000 subscribers take advantage of the valuable information available only in the PixelMill newsletter.

Customer Service & Product Guarantee

Live Knowledgable Support

The cornerstone of any trustworthy software company is solid support. Considered one of the industry's most authoritative and innovative sources of Web templates, PixelMill differentiates itself by providing site builders with live stand-out support.

Backed by live, knowledgeable support personnel and a 20-Day No Risk Guarantee, PixelMill has always made it easy to buy templates for Web and presentation needs with the confidence that all image and code licensing needs are covered.

Whereas most Web template providers have no live customer service channel, PixelMill customer service is comprised of four core levels of support:

  1. Online support documents and tutorials to answer questions for all skill levels
  2. PixelMill expert staff who readily answer questions by email or phone.
  3. LiveChat technology is introduced at www.pixelmill.com, providing more immediate live help for customers, especially the growing international customer base
  4. Support straight from the developer/designer of the product

PixelMill Migration with the Evolving Web

Driving Innovation for Today and Tomorrow!

PixelMill delivers Web design solutions for multiple Web platforms, all while stepping up development of new products and services to meet designers' needs with tomorrow's innovations, enhanced tutorials and training, plus the modules needed to quickly adapt to creative shifts on the Web.

PixelMill continues to train its loyal community in how to choose Web authoring software to accommodate the Web's future evolution. Growing requirements for sites and presentations to deliver more content, faster and easier, and more self-generated and professional multimedia to make Web sites and presentations more interactive are now an expectation in Web 2.0. No longer will PixelMill customers be simply 'building' sites or presentations, they will be architecting, producing, engineering, and directing the combination of multiple technologies and media to create Web sites and presentations that deliver more than information, but an Experience.

Where these tools and opportunities were once only a dream for a small-to-medium size business, today's (and tomorrow's) technology and web innovation is making this a reality for all. PixelMill delivers these solutions to designers in effective packaging that combines products, training, and services to make it easy for Web site designers and builders.

PixelMill History

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