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Website Redesign Services by PixelMill

When is it time to retire your old website design and begin with something fresh?

Are you still using antiquated development tools like Microsoft FrontPage to build your sites even though the html code may conflict with current web standards?

Have you considered Content Management Systems (CMS) like Wordpress but found it too time consuming to learn from scratch?

Is that ecommerce platform failing to deliver results or are you’re finding it too cumbersome to optimize your site for search using a basic html editor?

PixelMill understands these frustrations. Over the years, web standards have changed requiring us to redesign our site a few times from the ground up, not only to meet the latest standards, but also to provide the best customer experience.

We realized we needed to upgrade the look as well as make it easier to manage. We wanted to add features that allowed our clients to interact with our content and make it easier for search engines to know what we’re saying. We needed to retire some old technology and start using new platforms, all of which meant some growing pains, but the end result was well worth the journey.

If you’re struggling with any of these issues, let our experiences be your magic pill.

Why PixelMill is offering these Website Redesign Services

PixelMill's mission is to provide the best resources to help you build successful websites, but sometimes that means you need someone to handle the initial heavy set-up and teach you how to do the rest.

Our Website Redesign Service will modernize your current site by rebuilding it on an easy to use, simple to manage environment that suits your needs.

We wanted to offer a do-it-for-you service that focuses on rebuilding your site using the latest web development technologies, training you how to manage and grow it effectively, and then consulting time to help you achieve success in specific areas you identify.

The package is based on getting all the hard web redesign stuff out of the way so you have more time to focus on engaging customers and increasing sales.

Website Redesign Services - Package Details

PixelMill is invested in your success. Our intent is to deliver a core package that handles much of the heavy set up for you and then provides you some valuable training and consulting. While the core package describes a structured approach, we want you to know this is flexible because, in the end, every business has a unique set of needs.

Website Redesign Package Includes:
  • PixelMill will rebuild your current informational website, ecommerce website, or any outdated template website on to a new web development platform, like Wordpress, that leverages the latest web standards, will be easy to manage, engaging to your customers, and simple to optimize for the search engines.
  • Transfer of all existing page content to new rebuilt site (up to 25 pages of content).
  • Training and education to help you take over the maintenance of your new site.
  • Monthly business consulting with PixelMill experts to help you achieve specific objectives.

This core package is designed to be delivered over a 3 month period with most of the setup work occurring in the first 30 days, while the training and consulting services provided over the next 60 days.

The end result will be a beautiful, functional, current, and engaging website that vaults you to the head of your class and the envy of your competition.

Cost - $1999

Call Us Today 866-749-3564

SPECIAL BONUS- We understand you may be hesitant to jump in, so for a limited time we are offering two added bonuses:
  • Save $500 immediately - Introductory Price of $1499 for taking Action today
  • Monthly Payments Available – Spread your payments over 3 months

Ongoing Monthly Service Packages

While our Website Redesign Service is intended to transform your current site over a 3 month window, we understand not all objectives can be realized in such a short timeframe. PixelMill plans to roll out additional monthly service packages that will focus on developing and integrating specific marketing channels, and offer extended personal training so you feel supported throughout your metamorphosis.

More details on these additional services coming soon.

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