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SharePoint Branding Experts Create Magic

The term Branding has a slightly different meaning in SharePoint than is generally understood for a company building their web presence or brand. To the SharePoint community, branding means the application of your color palate, logo, and design assets to your SharePoint installation so that your site is consistent with the overall Brand you have created.

This usually isn’t too exciting or amazing because those assets likely already exist elsewhere or even on your site and may not increase engagement among your users.

Branding SharePoint Can Be exciting when done right.

How? Harnessing the true potential of this high octane powerhouse platform is nothing short of magic. Navigating your way around SharePoint as a web designer takes a unique skillset, which is why even basic design modifications can become a hair pulling experience. Professionals accustomed to branding SharePoint have a way of unlocking SharePoint’s hidden potential creating highly functional interfaces.

As SharePoint branding experts, we take this even one step further. Our highly specialized skill has a tremendous upside to not only represent your brand’s unique value, but more importantly, to create highly interactive web properties your users love to use and increase your SharePoint ROI.

PixelMill are Your SharePoint Branding Experts.

We have been branding SharePoint sites, portals, web parts, and more since 2002 with a focus on making you look good while delivering an experience your users will love.

PixelMill can handle all your SharePoint custom branding needs including:

  • Quick design modifications at favorable short term rates
  • Your site design “translated” to the SharePoint platform for a seamless transition
  • Clean, custom Master Pages with CSS, Custom Themes, and Custom Page Layouts
  • Highly functional design features like custom mega menus and fly-out navigation to simplify ease of use and increase productivity
  • Complete re-branding solutions to transform your entire User Experience

As we like to say, It’s More Than Just the Look.

SharePoint Branding and Design Solutions to Fit Your Every Need

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