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ProStores Enabled Templates: Easy Ecommerce with a Custom Look

ProStores Certified Designer Professional ProStores Ecommerce Solutions
ProStores Website Templates, Custom Web Design, Business Consulting, Search Engine Marketing

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Experience matters

The ProStores ecommerce software offers an exceptional platform to build a long lasting online business, but success is not guaranteed. Whether this is your first online project or your next ecommerce venture, success depends on a strategic plan and execution of those goals. Experience in ecommerce makes a difference.

Whether you plan to develop your ecommerce empire on your own, or you are looking for professional help, our experience will serve you. PixelMill has been helping small businesses succeed since 1998. Being a small business ourselves, we appreciate a no-nonsense, professional approach to getting things done. We have the ecommerce experience that matters and we’re committed to helping the ProStores community.

PixelMill is dedicated to providing small businesses
the best resources at affordable prices.

As a premier ProStores Certified Designer, PixelMill offers the best ProStores templates, website design, custom development and integration options you will need at a price you can afford.

ProStores Website Design Templates

Browse web templates Easy ecommerce with a custom look.
Shown: pm47711, pm47718

If you’re looking to quickly upgrade the appearance of your web store, consider one of our professionally designed ProStores enabled templates.

  • Select from over 400 ProStores Web Templates
  • Easily upgrade the look of your web store
  • Built for rapid deployment
  • Templates offer an affordable solution to a custom web design package

ProStores Mobile Templates

Browse web templates Mobile ready ProStores Templates.
Shown: pm69635, pm69636

Do you want your e-commerce store to look good on mobile devices? Let one of our mobile ready ProStores templates help you get started fast.

  • Select from our growing selection of ProStores Mobile Templates
  • Works along side your existing site design
  • Built from scratch using modern CSS
  • Compatible with iPhone, iPod, Android and most Palm devices

Custom Website Design Services

Tailor made to fit your brand

When you want your website to really shine, it’s time to consider a custom web design package sure to showcase your brand and set you apart from your competition.

  • Work with our design team to create a fresh, attractive website look
  • Add features and functionality your customers love and convert sales
  • Get your current site transferred over to ProStores
  • Create a unique and appealing site without breaking your budget
  • Payment plans are available. Ask us how.

Call us today to discuss your ProStores Custom Web Design ideas

Custom Web Development Solutions

Advanced system integration made simple

The ProStores ecommerce software is a great fit for many small businesses but sometimes you need it to do more – rely on our expert web development team to show you the best way.

  • Integration with QuickBooks, POS, inventory management, and customer support
  • Connect the software and business systems you already use
  • Expand your market with professional grade solutions
  • Payment plans are available. Ask us how.

Call us today to discuss your ProStores Customization project – 866-749-3564

Online Marketing

Real advice without the runaround

You may have noticed that just because you have a ProStores web store doesn’t mean that your customers will easily find your site. And not every marketing strategy is the right fit for your company. When it’s time to get straight answers, consider calling our marketing experts.

  • Use an easy, automated approach that establishes your brand as a market leader
  • Optimize your site so the search engines notice you
  • Build automated systems that engage your customers
  • Connect with your customers and get them to help grow your business

If you ever thought about hiring a professional to help build your online business, but don’t want to waste your time with pushy sales people that don’t understand your needs, then consider giving us a call.

Call us today to discuss your ProStores ecommerce web store – 866-749-3564

To get started call us at 866-749-3564 or fill out our Custom work request form.

ProStores and eBay are trademarks or registered trademarks of ProStores and eBay in the United States and/or other countries.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do I need to have a ProStores account to use these templates?
Yes. Your ProStores account should be set up in order to install one of our templates. If you would like to try ProStores, please go to ProStores' web site.

Q: What do I get with a PixelMill template package?
You'll get ProStores template files (.tpl) which can be imported through the ProStores store administration interface. You'll also get the related files for that look, including image files, cascading style sheet files, and more. A readme document gives you easy to follow instructions on how to implement the template.

Q: How long does it take to install a template?
By following our easy-to-use instructions, it can take as little as 5 to 10 minutes to install the template design. Your store should already be set up with an initial design (or the "blank" design) before you install the template.

Q: Can I change the colors, layout, or images in a template?
If you are familiar with graphics editing programs and HTML/CSS-editing, you may be able to change the colors, layout, and images that come with a template. All the source code is provided, but not all source graphic files are provided. If not, then you may place a custom work order to customize the template so that it fits you.

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