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With more than 22 years of expertise in the evolving world of web technologies, PixelMill is a leader in enterprise UI/UX design and development. We specialize in building digital workspaces, customized portals, and sites utilizing Microsoft 365, SharePoint, and Azure. Our team is committed to developing solutions that are in line with our clients’ unique company cultures.

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We believe...

modern intranets and portals should be uniquely designed to make employees’ work days more efficient, improve company-wide communication, and encourage overall collaboration.

Just like any successful brick and mortar business, a company’s digital workspace must attract users, make them feel at home, and encourage them to stick around.

We focus on user adoption of intranets, extranets, and public-facing websites among businesses and organizations of all shapes and sizes. Over the last 22 years, we’ve worked with technology companies, corporate entities, and government agencies across numerous industry verticals.

Through this extensive experience, we’ve honed the recipe for a successful portal. It’s simple; we believe each site should be…


A robust framework that encompasses an intuitive design + layout.


Global collaboration that is both mobile-friendly + responsive across devices.


Fluidity across each portal, matching both company culture + message.


Thoughtful navigation + interaction; a simplified web experience that makes sense.

Our Approach

“Build it and they will come,” simply doesn’t apply in the digital world. Your digital workspace investment demands user adoption and an effective portal must be tailored to your users’ unique needs. Increase ROI with a solution that’s built with the user in mind.

Our Work

Since 1998, our team has had the luxury of working with a variety of technology sectors, corporate entities, and government agencies, spanning across many industry verticals, including Education, Finance, Legal, Healthcare, Energy, Consulting, and eCommerce.

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