12 Days of Microsoft Teams | Day 12

The Future of Teams

Welcome to Day 12 of PixelMill’s ’12 Days of Microsoft Teams’ series! Thanks for spending your time with us this holiday season. If you like conspiracy theories and predictions, we hope you’re prepare to get your socks knocked off in 2020. Enjoy!

To say the future is bright for Microsoft Teams (Teams) is an understatement of great proportions. Microsoft’s clearly investing in the communication and productivity tool, and we’re seeing the best of what Microsoft 365 has to offer being leveraged and integrated in new ways almost daily. Combine that with Microsoft actively listening to users and continuing to deliver the most requested features, and you’ve got quite the recipe for success. 

Sure this all sounds great in theory, but will this solution bring you ROI? Here at PixelMill, we’ve seen huge wins for our team and our clients, but don’t take our word for it. Back in April of this year, Forrester released a report commissioned by Microsoft on The Total Economic Impact of Microsoft Teams. Key benefit highlights include time savings of 1.1 to 8 hours per user per week, a three-year net present value per user of $5,416, and payback on the solution investment of < 6 months.  

Teams is poised to provide your organization some serious value as it stands today, but the most exciting thing about Teams is that it’s only going to get better. 

Here are a few notable updates and upgrades coming to Microsoft Teams in 2020.  

Multi-window !!!!!!!!! (Pardon us while we do my happy dance over here)  

This is the linchpin to the promise that Teams will become the productivity OS. The primary requirement of any effective OS is the ability to do multiple things at once, side by side, without having to switch back and forth. We’ve all been clamoring for the ability to pop out an activity so we can have chats and meetings running side by side.  

Yammer App for Teams  

Yammer communities, conversations, and live events will be accessible right within Teams. IT admins and end-users can also pin the app in the left navigation in Teams. This helps fulfill the one-to-many communication needs that Teams has struggled with to this point, helping keep everyone up to date with their communities and allowing them to participate in organization-wide conversations. 

Outlook to Teams  

One of the greatest outcomes of adopting Teams for PixelMill has been our migration from email to Teams. New integrations are coming to Outlook for Teams, including moving an email chain (including attachments) within Outlook to Teams with a simple click “Share to Teams.” You’ll also be able to search your Team’s tenant and dictate where the thread should live in Teams.   

Tasks and Teams   

This new feature promises to deliver a unified view of personal tasks from Microsoft To-Do, Teams channels, Planner, and Outlook. This full app, available from the left navigation in Teams, will provide smart views set by things like priority, assigned, start, and due-date. While this sounds promising, we also have to consider many organizations (ourselves included) use 3rd party task management tools like Jira, Salesforce, Trello, etc., making this an incomplete task-list for many as it currently stands.   

Power Platform Integrations 

More power is coming for the power platform including integration directly within Teams. Soon you’ll be able to publish Power Apps as a Team app. You’ll also be able to pin an app created in Power Apps in the left navigation in Teams, and you’ll be able to do this on a per-user basis. We’ll also see expanded Teams actions and triggers in Power Automate as well as interactive cards from Power BI.   

This shortlist only includes a small percentage of what’s in store. See the full roadmap for Microsoft Teams in the Microsoft 365 roadmap, or visit user voice to see the status of requested features.  

Is your most requested feature on this list? If not, be sure to vote for it in User Voice! Thanks for following our 12 Days of Teams. If you have any questions about how Teams could help your organization collaborate better in 2020, let’s chat!  

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