12 Days of Microsoft Teams | Day 6

To Like or Not to Like | What does “like” mean in your company culture and is it enough?

Welcome to Day 6 of PixelMill’s ‘12 Days of Microsoft Teams’ series! With all there is to enjoy about Microsoft Teams, we think you’ll really “like” today’s tip. Enjoy!

Most social enterprise tools like MS Teams “borrow” the familiar and it’s no different with the ‘like’ function we’re all so familiar with in text and social media. The issue with the ‘like’ feature is that we all interpret its meaning in many ways. Also, ‘like’ has proven to be lacking socially. “Liking” a sad post just seems wrong; we need more ways to express ourselves.  We’ve seen Facebook try to accommodate for this with their multiple options for ‘liking’ a post including, “like, love, haha, wow, sad, and angry.” In enterprise, we may not require the ability to express all these emotions, but we do need at least a general understanding and definition of what ‘liking’ a message means.
One common issue we have run into here at PixelMill is one person ‘likes’ a message and to them, that means, “I saw this, I did what you asked and I’m signing off on that.” To another, it just means I saw this and I will do it later.” The person who wrote the message has no clue what your ‘like’ actually means. So here at PixelMill the general rule is a ‘like’ simply means, I saw your message, and if there is more clarification needed, i.e. I’m signing off on this, or I don’t agree, then a reply to that message is required.
What does ‘like’ mean to you? We’d love to hear! Take our quick survey.

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