12 Days of Microsoft Teams | Day 8

5 Predictions for Microsoft Teams in 2019

Welcome to Day 8 of PixelMill’s ‘12 Days of Microsoft Teams’ series! Today we look into the Teams crystal ball and share what’s coming down the road. Enjoy!

We’re well into day 8 of our celebration of Microsoft Teams, and I think we’ve made it pretty clear, we’re sold on this solution. Not only do we find immense value in its practical use today, we’re stoked for what’s ahead. Microsoft continues to add new functionality, and they are clearly invested in making this tool the best it can be. Here are 5 predictions for  Microsoft Teams in 2019 from our President and Co-founder.
Private Channels Are Coming
Let’s start our predictions with low hanging fruit. Private channels will become available at some point in the beginning of 2019. This has been an open issue for many quarters. We’ve kept an eye on updates from Microsoft, and they’ve made it clear they are deeply engaged in this request, a request most organizations seek with great urgency. In fact, Private channels remains the top most requested issue at User Voice; it’s almost 2X more requested than the next most requested feature. The last update from Microsoft was in October 2018, where we all were asked to provide more feedback. Although we, like the rest of the community, eagerly await more information, we’re confident Microsoft will get this feature done right in 2019.

Microsoft Teams Will Continue to Reign Supreme
Microsoft Teams will widen its lead over Slack and most other collaborative chat platforms. According to a recent survey, Microsoft Teams holds 21% of the collaborative chat space, compared to Slack’s 15% stake. Teams has the clear advantage in that it’s included as a part of Office 365, yet Slack also offers a widely-used free version as well. That being said, as Microsoft Teams continues to improve and as more organizations realize the value a rich collaboration platform beyond what Skype for Business could offer, Teams adoption and utilization could see record growth for another year running.

Teams Will Get Industry Specific 
Microsoft has been looking to tailor Microsoft Teams to specific industries or tasks, including “Shifts” which is Teams for frontline workers, as well as Teams for healthcare workers, currently in private preview. We expect Microsoft to release a few more specific packaged scenarios for specific types of workers.

Teams Will Replace Portals in Some Cases
Along those lines, as the Teams platform continues to roll out into more and more organizations, additional general use cases and best practices will evolve and be shared with the greater Teams community. Teams is poised as the primary window to organizations’ communication and collaboration efforts, offering opportunities to replace the need for most if not all internal and even some external email and other 3rd party communication tools. With the recent introduction of organization-wide teams and the ability to add SharePoint framework solutions directly into Teams’ tabs, Teams can begin even to replace intranet portals.

We’re not there yet, and many organizations continue to struggle effectively rolling out Teams to groups of all sizes. Teams is proving itself capable of handling larger organizations, organizations with tens, up into hundreds of thousands of users. As we roll through 2019, we expect to see more success stories. Organizations will learn from others’ successes, and missteps and we’ll continue refining and defining best practices for more specific use cases of the Teams platform.

SPFx Webparts Will be Integrated into Teams Tabs
With the recent public preview of SharePoint Framework integration into teams tabs, we, of course, expect this to become generally available in early 2019. What’s of interest to us, and what we fully expect to see in 2019, is the community will begin exploring what this opportunity provides. To start, we expect to see such simple questions such as, what are good use cases for integrating a SPFx webpart or single page app into a teams tab, answered, and how should these tailored components be rolled out to an organization.

Microsoft has given us a lot to look forward to in 2019. Is your organization is ready to dive into Microsoft Teams, but unsure where to start? Have no fear! A PixelMill Teams expert would love to chat with you today.

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