12 Days of Microsoft Teams Recap!

Happy New Year everyone! We thought we’d start off 2020 with a recap of one of our popular blog series. We threw so much out there for everyone to absorb and as a present, we put it all in one place to help you get your new year off and running. Enjoy our 12 pro-tips for a happy Team universe, visible from your very own desk.

Day 1: Why Teams Governance Matters

Day 2: How Microsoft Teams is the Best of Office 365 in One Place

Day 3: Be Heard | How You Can Make Teams Better For Your Organization

Day 4: What to consider before enabling Private Channels in MS Teams

Day 5: Is MS Teams the New Productivity OS?

Day 6: Universal MS Teams Etiquette | 10 Rules to Avoid a Teams #Fail

Day 7: 7 Things Every Teams User Should Know How to Do

Day 8: How to Build a Teams Template for Consistent Creation

Day 9: How Teams and SharePoint Work Together

Day 10: Why Multi-window is Crucial to MS Teams Adoption

Day 11: How to Host a Webinar in Teams

Day 12: The Future of Teams

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