12 Days of Microsoft Teams Recap


Happy New Year everyone! We’re kicking off 2021 with a recap of one of our most popular blog series. We threw a lot out there for everyone to absorb in December and as a present, we’ve wrapped it up into one package so you can start the new year off and running. Enjoy our 12 pro-tips for a happy Microsoft Teams universe, visible from the comfort of your desk.


Day 1: Teams Etiquette | Avoid being a Cottenheaded Ninnymuggins

An etiquette checklist to help you avoid being a Microsoft Teams  Cottenheaded Ninnymuggins. No matter the size of your organization, follow these rules to avoid frustration.

Day 2: Trim Teams for Productivity | Pin tools in the left rail

A helpful guide to trimming up your Microsoft Teams stuff, even if they’re not bingle balls and Whofoo fluff.

Day 3: There’s no place home for the holidays | Teams Home Site App

A loving reminder that no matter how far away you roam, for the holidays you can’t beat home sweet home…sites.

Day 4: The More the Merrier | Microsoft increases max members, meetings, & more!

More room to work! To help reduce your team’s frustrations, Microsoft Teams increases limitations.

Day 5: Microsoft Makes Spirits Bright with New Beta Endpoints in Graph API

Want better connections than a Hollywood agent? Microsoft is making spirits bright with New Beta Endpoints in Graph API.

Day 6: Cut Through the Results Fog | Teams Won’t You Guide My Search Tonight?

This our best Rudolph impression. Microsoft Teams with your search so vast, help me find my information fast!

Day 7: Create Lasting Memories | Teams Meeting Recordings

This will last a lifetime…or until you run out of space to store it. Whichever comes first.

Day 8: The Best Way to Spread Meeting Cheer is Bringing in Apps from Far to Near | Teams Optimized Apps

Here’s a riddle: What do a bird, fancy handwriting, and questionnaires have in common? Hint: there’s an app for that.

Day 9: Joy and Prosperity Abound When We Gather ‘Round | Together Mode

Want the feeling of being together again? Joy and Prosperity Abound When We Gather ‘Round…in Together Mode.

Day 10: How to Stay Off the Naughty List | Governance Tools for Microsoft Teams

Our helpful guide to avoiding a coal-filled stocking: How to stay off the Naughty List using Governance tools for Microsoft Teams.

Day 11: The Hope of Features Yet-to-Come | PixelMill’s Microsoft Teams Wish List

A poem for you:

As our series nears its end,
we present a few ways Microsoft Teams can transcend.
Teams fans we most certainly are,
but here’s what’s left us wishing on a star.

Day 12: Give the Gift of Well-being Via MS Teams | Maybe well-being, perhaps, means a little bit more…

Here’s something that employees from 1-92 will enjoy. Maybe employee well-being, we thought, doesn’t come from a score, maybe … well-being … perhaps means a little bit more.

Looking for more Microsoft Teams tips or best practices? Have something to add to our list? A PixelMill Teams expert would love to chat!  

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- #PowerApp #UI / #UX best practices & common pitfalls
- #Figma best practices for #PowerApps
- Converting from #Figma to #PowerApps
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