12 Days of SharePoint | Day 11

Welcome to Day 11 of PixelMill’s ’12 Days of SharePoint’ series! While it’s usually the other way around, we hope today’s tip encourages you to keep your head in the clouds. Enjoy!

For IT Pro’s, embrace the cloud 

The transition to the cloud has been the talk of the town over the last year. When we think back to 18 months ago, all we kept hearing was “We are NEVER moving to the cloud!“. As 2017 rolled around, we started seeing more talk of “ok, maybe the cloud“, or “what’s this hybrid thing?“. Now we are seeing many of the on-prem diehards considering how they can offload their workloads to Office 365 and Azure. Well yipee ki-yay my friends, your world is just beginning.
Cloud offerings, in particular those offered by Microsoft, are maturing quickly and it’s time for IT Pros to embrace the shift and be the agent of change in your organization. One of the primary concerns we have heard directly from IT Pros is that they are worried they will lose their jobs. We can’t pretend that there won’t be shifts in the technology labor force, but just because an organization moves to the cloud does not mean that all architecture, management, and support duties magically disappear.
So IT Pros, consider how best to provide value to your organization. Look into migrating to DevOps, which will help deliver solutions to your organization rather than just being a cost center. If the cloud makes sense to offload some or all of your workloads, suggest it, lead it, and deliver it.

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