12 Days of SharePoint | Day 3

Welcome to Day 3 of PixelMill’s ’12 Days of SharePoint’ series! If life is moving a little too fast for you, today’s tip should help you understand how to keep up with the times. Enjoy!

Embrace Modern SharePoint Experiences 

Have you noticed how quickly SharePoint Online has evolved over the last twelve months? I’m sure you want more, but think about how far we have come. Modern Lists and Libraries, group-enabled modern team sites, Communication sites, and soon to be released Hub sites. Plus, you can customize modern experiences using SharePoint Framework Webparts, SharePoint Framework extensions, and recently released Column Formatting. The pace of change has actually concerned many people we have talked to as they are fearful of keeping up, or they believe that what they “need” is not yet available.
Modern experiences are here to stay. At least for the mid to long-term—meaning years. We readily expect these experiences to continue to grow and evolve, but there is little evidence to believe they are going to be replaced any time soon.
You may be concerned that you don’t understand how to use modern experiences as they don’t provide the fully brandable, hierarchical, leviathan of an intranet, but it’s time to begin or continue on your journey with modern experiences. They’re becoming much more tailorable to your specific needs. Yes, you might need to change your approach to SharePoint, but likely that’s overdue. SharePoint is much more than a shared drive, or a place to post news. Your future projects should start with the assumption that you will build them using moderns experiences, and only after a thorough review of your requirements should classic experiences be brought back into the mix.

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