12 Days of SharePoint | Day 4

Welcome to Day 4 of PixelMill’s ’12 Days of SharePoint’ series! Today’s tip reminds us to not drown ourselves with the past, yet help ourselves to swim in the present.  Enjoy!

Let go of some branding requirements!

Modern experiences are not your mother’s or father’s SharePoint. SharePoint has always been brandable, or at least developers found ways. And let’s be honest, we were branding SharePoint because we had to. The front end experience provided out of the box has always left room for improvement up, through, and including SharePoint 2016. In 2015, Jeff Teper, Corporate Vice President of Office 365, OneDrive, and SharePoint at Microsoft, recommitted Microsoft to creating a mobile ready, user ready, enterprise ready SharePoint. We will be the first to admit that we were skeptical, and the release of “Modern Experiences” did leave some gaps.
Here we are now at the end of 2017 and we can safely state that Modern Experiences for SharePoint, including modern lists and libraries, Modern Team sites, and Communication Sites, have greatly improved and should be the first place you start looking to build solutions on SharePoint that will fulfill your organization’s communication and collaboration needs. That is not to say you can do everything you might want to do with modern interfaces. Rather the out of the box features are outstanding and the customization options found via Themes, SharePoint Framework Webparts and Extensions, and Column Formatting are getting us closer to parity with previous branding options. However, let’s not forget that current experiences are in fact much more sophisticated and feature rich, thus negating the need for many of our previous hacks…err…improvements :).

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