12 Days of SharePoint | Day 6

Welcome to Day 6 of PixelMill’s ’12 Days of SharePoint’ series! Throw out your Tux & Aston Martin and use today’s tip to be a different kind of agent. Enjoy!

Be the agent of change in your organization 

A while back, we heard the term “Shadow IT”. Shadow IT is not necessarily a term for a new phenomenon, rather it is a new term for a specific use case of an old practice. In a nut shell, Shadow IT refers to when individuals or groups within an organization go rogue and simply find, install, and use a technology tool outside of what is supported and often even allowed by IT. In the Microsoft / OneDrive space, we saw this when users or certain individuals in an organization would migrate to Dropbox or Google Drive for document sharing as it filled gaps that at the time, Microsoft / SharePoint / OneDrive did not.
Microsoft has made many investments in Office 365 and their larger suite of production software. Most of it has matured quite well and as a package is certainly stellar. The tool sets that are being offered are also opening up new lines of communication and collaboration.
This coming year, be the agent of change in your organization. Help your organization find the right set of tools to improve how you all do business. Resisting the change because you are concerned about your job being made redundant, or because of fear of learning is not going to help your situation. In fact by being one of the leaders of change in your organization, you are much more likely to be seen as a leader and thus securing your future.

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Users are no longer able to store meeting recordings in #Stream (Classic). They will be stored in #SharePoint moving forward.

Awesome, right?

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Trying to decide between #PowerAutomate and #LogicApps?

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The Cliff Notes answer: #PowerAutomate is great for you personally. #LogicApps is best for automating org-wide.


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Stream's changing because no #M365 app is an island.

Islands in the #Stream
That is what they are
Recordings not Teams
or SharePoint, that’s wrong.
Sail away with Stream to a better world
we can rely on integration, ah-ha
from one app to another, ah-ha


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