12 Days of SharePoint | Day 9

Welcome to Day 9 of PixelMill’s ’12 Days of SharePoint’ series! Today’s tip help you move your stuff without bribing your friends with pizza and beer. Enjoy!

Use micro services such as Azure Functions and Azure WebJobs to bring back more complex business processes into SharePoint Online

One of the primary excuses we hear organizations give as to why they are not moving to the cloud has got to be because they cannot migrate backend business process they used to build directly into SharePoint. Not too long ago that was a valid concern but with Azure micro-services such as Azure Functions, Azure Webapps, and Azure WebJobs, this just isn’t the case any longer for most business processes.
Micro-services based on serviceless architecture has become a cost effective way to move custom code, thus custom business processes, to the cloud. This cost savings can translate into a renewed focus on developing actual processes rather than wasting time spinning up and maintaining server hardware and software.
There is a learning curve migrating your solutions to micro-services for sure, but make a promise to you, your career growth, and the good of your organization and investigate Azure Functions and Azure WebJobs.

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