9 Work Resolutions & How Office 365 Will Help You Keep Them

2020 is here and as we all begin a new year with resolutions to help us fill our lives with more joy, we encourage you to do so for your career too. After all, most of us spend a significant amount of our day in the office, so why not find ways to make that part of your life more fulfilling as well? Here are 9 resolutions to consider and how Office 365 can help you keep them!  

1. Learn a New Skill 

Learning something new not only helps you be a more productive team member and take the frustration out of your daily tasks, it could also help lead to a promotion or raise. Microsoft Learning Center offers thousands of hours of learning material. Pick a topic and start today! Consider applying that knowledge and putting it to the test to get a certification. Don’t know where to start? We see great value in Microsoft’s certifications on Azure, The Power Platform, and Teamwork.  

2. Get out of your email box  

There’s few things more frustrating than a full, unorganized inbox. Help yourself and your team by moving conversations to Teams.  

One of the greatest outcomes of adopting Teams for PixelMill has been our migration from email to Teams.  

Why did we do it? 

Things get lost in an email inbox, easily and often. It’s difficult to remember who is on a thread and people often get removed (intentionally or unintentionally) from important conversations. Multiple versions of important documents were being sent causing a lot of unnecessary heartache. Learn how we did it in this post.  

And in case you still aren’t convinced…  

New integrations are coming to Outlook for Teams, including moving an email chain (including attachments) within Outlook to Teams with a simple click “Share to Teams.” You’ll also be able to search your Team’s tenant and dictate where the thread should live in Teams.    

3. Track Your To-Dos 

Is there any greater feeling than checking off a task on your to-do list? Office offers several ways to manage your tasks. We use Planner with integration to Teams to help us all stay on task. 

4. Clean Up Your Act 

It’s time to dust off that desktop and make sure that your important files are safely stored in the right place. Be sure that your files are stored in OneDrive and SharePoint so you can stay organized, access the correct version when necessary, and rest easy knowing your files are shared with the correct people.  

5. Stay in the Know 

Technology is ever-changing and at a rapid pace. Stay in the know by following the right blogs and thought leaders. Consider looking for 5 new people to follow in 2020. Here are a few you should have in your que: 

6. Take Better Notes 

Note taking is a challenge for even the best listeners, but great note taking can help save you and your team a lot of time and heartache! Still, it can be difficult to be engaged in a meeting and take detailed notes. Stream to the rescue! Consider recording your meetings so you can go back and listen to fill in any gaps in your notes. You can also use the live captioning with search to go back and find specific details that might have been missed. 

7. Celebrate Team Successes 

A little Kudos goes a long way. Find time to celebrate the people in your work life. Praise in Teams makes it a breeze to let your co-workers know how much you appreciate them.  

8. Find Balance 

A resolution list would not be complete without mentioning balance; it’s essential to our mental and physical health. Microsoft MyAnalytics is a great way to see your work analytics, and help you establish some healthy routines. MyAnaltyics can send weekly reports, recommends Focus Time so you can make the most of your day, tracks your networking effectiveness and more. Go to myanalytics.microsoft.com to open your personal MyAnalytics dashboard. 

9. Streamline Processes 

Power Automate + Power Apps 

Take time to save time with Power Automate and Power Apps. Are there tasks you perform on a routine basis? Are these things that can be moved into SharePoint lists and built with automations? Consider finding ways to automate routines to free up your time to get more done!  

What are your 2020 resolutions? Did we miss a must-have? Let us know! If improving your organization’s digital teamwork is at the top of your resolutions this year, let’s chat!

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