A Gift that Keeps on Giving | Upskill in Microsoft Teams with Viva Learning

Research shows that employees tenure is directly correlated with their empowerment to upskill. According to the Linkedin Workplace report, “94% of employees say they would stay at a company longer if it invested in their learning and development.” Plus, ongoing education and training fosters engagement and performance. So, how can Microsoft Viva Learning help your organization empower your team through learning and career development? We see Microsoft Viva Learning as an aggregator for learning resources that brings content where your users are spending most of their day, Microsoft Teams. 

Put learning and development front and center with Viva Learning. It comes pre-loaded with over a hundred courses for free, or you can link to third-party resources if you invest in Viva Learning Premium. 

Use Viva Learning to: 

  • Access free courses in Microsoft Learn, Microsoft 365 training, and LinkedIn Learning 
  • Link to a SharePoint site and surface content in Viva Learning 
  • Aggregate learning resources across Microsoft 365 and third-party tools 

Viva Learning is not an LMS or in-line training resource. So, what does it look like in practice? What’s available today? And how much will it cost? Check out our 
Viva Learning post to learn more and to learn more about Microsoft Viva, watch the Viva episode in the PixelMill Webinar Series. 

Are you ready to empower your team to achieve their career goals? Want to learn more about how Viva Learning can help you retain your most valuable team members?
Chat with a PixelMill employee experience architect today!  

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