A New Product Venture

PixelMill and CMS provider DNA Freedom start building content management-based solutions.
At PixelMill, we have always been reserved about products that require services to get started. Our goal has been, and will continue to be, to build and deliver products that customers can complete themselves. But, we have had a growing number of customers interested in building sites based on a Content Management System (CMS). As part of our product expansion plans, we decided it was time to look into possible solutions.
Last year, I met with a local company that provided a successful CMS system and found their dedication and support to be superior. We have always been very cautious about aligning with companies that we were not 100% confident with, but Diverse Network Associates showed promise. We spent the next six months reviewing their product, and performing test integrations of PixelMill templates.
Today, we’re announcing the launch of the new product type DNA Freedom Templates. By purchasing the template product, you are purchasing the start-up and integration involved with getting your site launched. The site will be integrated with the Freedom CMS backend database, which will make it easy for you (or your client) to maintain and update the site through a simple and intuitive interface.
One of the best features of the Freedom system is that you can host the site almost anywhere. By using the system inerface you can easily update the content on your site, and then output the site in pure HTML. You can then take those HTML pages and publish them to any server. In fact, this publishing function is built right into the interface.
We ask that you take a few minutes to learn more about this product option on our DNA Freedom Templates landing page. We’re confident that many customers will find this a perfect fit for their business or organization. Don’t worry when you see only a few products in the catalog. We’re working on more pre-built templates specific to the system, plus you can also choose from any of our HTML templates. These can be integrated into the system at no additional charge.

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Users are no longer able to store meeting recordings in #Stream (Classic). They will be stored in #SharePoint moving forward.

Awesome, right?

Now we can take advantage of the power of #SharePoint file storage with video! But there are some big gotchas.


Trying to decide between #PowerAutomate and #LogicApps?

It depends what you’re automating, and for who.

The Cliff Notes answer: #PowerAutomate is great for you personally. #LogicApps is best for automating org-wide.


{Webinar Recording} Is Azure Logic apps or Power Automate right for you? | Watch now! - https://mailchi.mp/75571b3c204c/april-2017-webinar-thank-you-5359008

Stream's changing because no #M365 app is an island.

Islands in the #Stream
That is what they are
Recordings not Teams
or SharePoint, that’s wrong.
Sail away with Stream to a better world
we can rely on integration, ah-ha
from one app to another, ah-ha


It's the day of the show y'all!

Join #Microsoft RD + MVP @EricOverfield on today's episode of the #PixelMillWebinars to look at the difference between #Azure #LogicApps & #Power Automate and discover which is going to be right for you!


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