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Here at PixelMill, we know it takes a village, and no one succeeds in a silo. The digital workspace is vast, demanding experts in many different sectors to ensure we deliver a holistic solution our clients will use and love. We’re proud to have surrounded ourselves with some of the best partners in the industry.

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If you’re looking for experts in Microsoft 365 digital workspaces, Microsoft Teams, SharePoint, Office 365, and Azure with 20 years’ experience, chat with Michael Wells, our Partnerships & Community manager today.

Why partner with us?

We have a 20-year track record.
For more than two decades we have been working with organizations of all shapes and sizes to deliver winning solutions. But don’t just take our word for it, see what our clients have to say.

We geek out.
We are experts in Microsoft 365 driven digital workspaces, SharePoint, Office 365, Microsoft Teams, and Azure and our team is on the frontlines. Our President and Co-Founder maintains pre-release access and direct contact with the Microsoft development and leadership teams that bring us Microsoft Teams, SharePoint, Office 365 and Azure. This insider access ensures we build solutions that will stand the test of time.

We’re effective.
We won’t waste your time, and we focus on the bottom-line. ROI is top of mind for us in every project we take on. Our expert project management ensures we stay on time, in budget, and meet defined goals. We utilize OOTB functionality and open source when possible to streamline and mitigate costs that we pass down to our partners and clients.

We listen.
We believe the best solutions start with real people. Building effective solutions begins with actively listening to our partners, clients, and ultimately, the end user.

We’re transparent.
We also ask the tough questions, we aren’t afraid to admit when we don’t know something, we delight in reporting good scoop, and we aren’t afraid to deliver difficult news.

We’re dependable, and so are our solutions.
Our solutions are dependable because we build for the future and this means following Microsoft’s roadmap, directives, and best practices.

We’re committed to constant improvement.
We are technologists, researchers, and artists building for the future. We stay up on trends, and we’re always looking for more creative ways to accomplish goals. With a robust focus on continued education our team is constantly expanding their knowledge and expertise. By following best practices and keeping up on the latest trends in the ever-changing landscape of the digital world, we provide our partners and clients with cutting-edge technology that will last.

We’re community leaders.
We believe that sharing is caring, and you get back what you give. We actively contribute to the open-source community and share our knowledge in user groups. We proudly sponsor community events like SPS Events (SharePoint Saturday, Office 365 Saturday, Microsoft 365 Saturday, etc), and are regularly present internationally keeping us in tune with the global digital workspace needs.

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