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As we all do our part and practice social distancing, finding ways to stay connected and keep things moving forward can feel daunting. If your organization is affected by recent events, and requires a quick solution to get your team working remotely, look no further than Office 365. Via tools like Microsoft Teams, SharePoint, and the rest of the Office 365 productivity suite, you can set your team up to work remotely right away. In fact, Microsoft is now offering a free Office 365 E1 Trial, including Microsoft Teams, to help organizations address this urgent need.  

If you’re new to Office 365, you can get a free E1 or G1 license and get Teams up and running quickly, just contact your Microsoft representative for a promo code. This offer is intended for customers managed by a Microsoft account rep. It’s for organizations who haven’t activated any other Office 365 E1 trials in the past. 

If you already have a license but want to unlock premium Teams (full Office 365 licensed version) to enable remote work right away, you can do this for free for 6-months.  

From Microsoft: “If you already have an Office 365 subscription, you’re eligible for the trial version of Teams (with your corporate identity), not the free version. The Teams trial provides the full version of Teams for a limited time. For more information, see Managing Microsoft Teams Exploratory Trial.” 

What’s the difference between Microsoft Teams Free Version and the Microsoft Teams Exploratory license (formerly called Microsoft Teams Commercial Cloud Trial)?

Teams free is designed for small to medium businesses and has the following features: 

      • 300 maximum users 
      • Unlimited chat messages and search 
      • Guest access 
      • Integration with apps and services, including the Online versions of Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and OneNote 
      • 2 GB of storage per user and 10 GB of shared storage 
      • 1:1 and group online audio and video calling 
      • Channel meetings 
      • Screen sharing 

The full version of Teams included with an Office 365 subscription provides the following features in addition to the features that Teams free provides: 

      • No user limit (with an enterprise license) 
      • Exchange email hosting and custom email domain 
      • OneDrive, SharePoint, Planner, Yammer, and more Office 365 services 
      • 1 TB of storage per user 
      • Scheduled meetings 
      • Audio conferencing 
      • Enhanced security and compliance features, including multi-factor authentication, single sign-on, and advanced auditing and reporting 
      • Administrative controls and support features, including 24 x 7 phone and web support, admin tools for managing users and apps, usage reporting for Office 365 services, service-level agreement, and configurable user settings and policies 

For a detailed comparison of Teams free and Teams features, see Compare Teams plans and keep the following limitations in mind: 

      • You can’t switch back to Teams free after you upgrade. 
      • You can’t merge multiple Teams free tenants into a single paid tenant. 
      • All users must be in the same domain. (All users will get a sign-in in the format 
      • All users must be upgraded: a mix of Teams free and paid subscription users in the same tenant is not supported. 

If you’re looking for more details and are ready to launch remote work for your team, join our President and Co-Founder, Eric Overfield, in our 
webinar this Friday, as he walks you through the options available to you in Microsoft 365 that can help empower your team to continue to work remotely during these trying times. Eric will share essential planning strategies and pitfalls to avoid when activating your remote digital workspace quickly so that you can set your team up for long-term success.  


Want some hands on support to get your team’s Team set up right? One of our Office 365 experts would love to help you today

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Anyone who has 'attended' a physical meeting by 'conferencing in' in knows the frustrations & limitations that come from not being in the room. You're the voice in the ceiling & not equally represented in the conversation.

This is no longer acceptable.

Today, we find ourselves facing the “hybrid work paradox.”

Employees are keen to retain flexibility. At the same time, human-to-human collaboration remains important.

To marry the best of both, hone your strategy, spaces, & tech to suit employee needs.

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Join the #PixelMillWebinars this Thursday as we welcome key players from @OrchestrySoft, @KieferConsult, and @AP_Mortgage to discuss the hybrid work paradox and how #Microsoft365 can empower your users no matter where they're working.

We've all been itching to get "back to normal," but what does that mean? Are we missing out on valuable lessons learned by trying to return to something that perhaps wasn't working before?

Join us next week for a live panel discussion on the new normal.

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