Ask the Experts at SharePoint Conference 2011

What a great experience. Last night during the SharePoint Conference 2011 “Ask the Experts” night, it looks like the SharePoint Branding table experts were unable to attend.  A huge thanks to Erik Swenson, author of the upcoming book, “Practical SharePoint 2010 Branding and Customization” from APress  for helping pick up the slack.
But what was exciting to me is that someone came by, threw me a shirt and said get in there, we need a SharePoint Branding expert in there now. I was of course happy to lend a hand as was able to help quite a few attendees out with their branding questions.
For those of you that needed examples emailed to them, I will try to get those out to you as quickly as I can. I appreciate everyone’s patience while I gave every person as much assistance as I could, even after they started turning the lights out on us.
Eric Overfield as the SharePoint Branding Expert
Thanks to the organizers for recognizing PixelMill’s expertise in the SharePoint Branding field. We will continue to look forward to helping all of you out both online and at events we attend with all of your SharePoint Branding needs.
Do you need more hands on assistance with your next Branding project? Check out our SharePoint Custom Services page.
We would be happy to help.

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