Del Monte Foods, Inc.

Del Monte Foods, Inc. is one of the world’s leading vertically integrated producers, marketers, and distributors of high-quality fresh and fresh-cut fruit and vegetables, as well as a leading producer and distributor of prepared fruit and vegetables, juices, beverages, and snacks. As a symbol of product innovation, quality, freshness, and reliability since 1892, it was important that Del Monte’s internal digital communication tools support these core values. 

Del Monte Foods Intranet Case Study

The Project

Del Monte required expert advice and technical assistance to create an intranet utilizing SharePoint that acts as a one-stop-shop for all internal communications. After a platform analysis with PixelMill, Del Monte chose to trailblaze the digital workspace environment and became early adopters of Microsoft’s Modern Experiences Platform, providing them access to all the bells and whistles that Microsoft is investing in this new technology. Del Monte came to PixelMill for implementation and design, as well as guidance for super users on how to use and evolve with the provided solution.


  • Microsoft Office365
  • Microsoft SharePoint Online

Site Type

  • Intranet


  • 950 Active Users


  • Food Production

Our Approach

Discover + Define

During discovery, PixelMill worked with Del Monte to uncover key business and functional requirements and build a plan for the intranet overhaul that would leverage as much out of the box functionality as possible. The major goal was to resurrect their existing Office 365 portal that was not used effectively because employees were losing interest in it. Key initiatives included increasing user adoption by establishing a consistent, organized, and intuitive portal, streamlining Corporate News and shifting as much content from Box to SharePoint as possible.

  • Current site analysis
  • User interviews and needs assessment
  • Define and document Business Requirements
  • Define and document Functional Requirements

Innovate + Design

PixelMill applied a template with consistent colors and the company logo utilizing the Modern Experience, which out-out-the-box is much more visually appealing and intuitive than the classic experience. Much of Del Monte’s branding is presented through the imagery they place in strategic areas. Inconsistent navigation was one of the major paint points for Del Monte’s users, so we designed a global header making it easier for users to jump from each major section with ease and establishing consistency across the site.

  • Wireframes
  • UI/UX Prototype

Develop + Refine

To address Del Monte’s need for consistency across the portal, PixelMill implemented a global header through an SPFx extension. Our developers built out a custom navigation bar because the modern experience out-of-the-box elements take up a lot of space and global navigation is not available out-of-the-box. PixelMill enabled Site Designs that helped Del Monte’s power users get started creating sites quickly. We created an admin portal for intranet admins to control what appears in the header and footer extension. The Del Monte team also required a custom drop-down menu that served up “How do I…” information from a custom RSS feed.

  • Front end and back end development using Microsoft Patterns and Practices

Deploy + Streamline

  • Quality Assurance

Maintain + Engage

  • Training documentation for admins and super users
  • Ongoing maintenance contract
  • Currently assisting client with a custom PowerApp for employee recognition

Project Outcome

We successfully delivered an effective intranet that engages our client’s 950 employees. Del Monte has seen a 150% increase in user adoption and interaction since the launch of the new portal. The new intranet brings fresh and relevant information to Del Monte’s employees in a high-quality intuitive and user-friendly environment built on the most innovative Microsoft technology, modern experiences in SharePoint online.

Our new intranet provided a one-stop shop for all our internal needs. Previously, we were on an outdated platform with very disparate information located in non-intuitive places. We were able to place all the information about our company, corporate forms, workflows, news, and internal working groups all into one place that gave the employee one place to research and locate company info easily and quickly.

The PixelMill team acted as an extension to our internal teams. PixelMill was organized, resourceful, creative, informed, and timely. They made the project seem easy and we were able to execute in line with expectations. On top of their technical expertise, the team was easy to get along with and very helpful.

We would absolutely recommend PixelMill!

Robin Connell, Sr. Manager Sustainability and Communications

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