FMC Technologies

FMC Technologies, a technology and service leader in the oil and gas industry, creates cutting-edge subsea systems for offshore drilling.

The Project

The business unit responsible for engineering and manufacturing remotely operated vehicles (ROVs), Schilling Robotics, wanted to enhance the User Interface of their VideoPC application. This is an application that provides a user with live video previews of all recording streams of offshore projects. This application also configures each recording, searches for prior recordings and events, and manages disk space.

Discover + Define

  • On-site Tour
  • Functional Requirements

Innovate + Design

  • Brand Identity Integration
  • UI/UX & Visual Design
  • Style Guide & Creative Assets

Our Approach

Real-World Application:
In-Person Facility Tour

This project required an in-person tour of the FMC Technologies’ development facility. After viewing the application and receiving an overview of the machine’s functional requirements, our Design team had to take the following constraints into consideration: The operator’s relatively compact and dim workspace, their distance from the screen, and the number of viewing screens in front of them.

The operators’ environment is a console where the pilots are sitting at least six feet from the screen, in a dimly lit room or work van on the vessel. Also, the primary touchscreen, located in the middle of the user console, needed to stand out among the other underwater viewing screens. The design required high contrast colors and intuitively designed icons to be readable and recognizable so that the central screen could stand out among the other underwater viewing screens.

The Outcome

After carefully choosing each functional feature, our Graphic Designers delivered the client a file with all recommended style guide assets, including typography and color palette specifications. Further, a redline document showed their developers the particular layout and spaces between elements. Once approved, our team provided FMC Technologies with mockups that captured the new look and feel of their application.

With our new designs, the client could readily develop and implement their new operator model into the VideoPC device. The unique circumstances of this project allowed our Graphic Designers to work outside of the box and provide a device-unique, real world user experience.

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