NVIDIA, an innovative leader in artificial intelligence computing, approached us with the initiative to modernize their intranet, empowering their employees with an intuitive, engaging, and personalized experience.

The Project

NVIDIA⁠—known for ingenuity, innovation, and creativity⁠—looked to PixelMill to assist them in redesigning and developing an intranet that reflected these core values. NVIDIA required a more intuitive, interactive, and visually engaging intranet that was easier to administrate.

Specifically, NVIDIA’s current intranet homepage required custom applications that did not support modern standards such as mobile-friendly design, regionalized content, and site analytics. We assisted NVIDIA by validating their business analysis, requirements, and designs, and we built and implemented a development plan delivering a solution that eliminated the need for custom code for the homepage as much as possible, improved analytics, displayed regionalized content, is supported on mobile, and is personalized by user improving end-user experience and adoption.


  • Office 365 / SharePoint Online Classic Experience

Site Type

  • Intranet


  • Technology

Our Approach

Discover + Define

NVIDIA’s communication team led the business analysis for the intranet redesign. PixelMill assisted in validating requirements and setting a strategy to deliver a personalized solution that met NVIDIA’s success criteria.

  • Current site analysis
  • Stakeholder interviews and user needs assessment
  • Define and document Business Requirements
  • Define and document Functional Requirements

Innovate + Design

NVIDIA’s creative team owned the end-user experience design for the intranet. PixelMill assisted in validating designs and capabilities of the chosen platform.

  • Wireframes validation
  • Responsive designs for desktop, tablet, mobile
  • UI/UX prototype

Develop + Refine

Our development strategy for the NVIDIA intranet included many ways to add user personalization and encourage engagement through intuitive design, clear paths to customization, and an intuitive backend for content authors.

  • Fully responsive (mobile, desktop, and tablet)
  • Customized mega navigation provided a better way to present categories of internal and external links
  • SPFx web part for displaying recent news based on regional subscriptions
  • Custom bookmarks feature
  • Flexible page layout with the option to display five images/text/links on content pages
  • Custom news rollup page with tag filtering capabilities
  • Several ways to highlight news articles – unibrow, featured, and pinned
  • Modern Layout Generator for content editing allows users to easily update pages within their site

Deploy + Streamline

  • Quality Assurance

Maintain + Engage

  • Training videos, online training sessions for content authors and twelve-month maintenance and support agreement.

The Outcome

We successfully delivered an effective portal that captivated and engaged our client’s 30,000 associates by focusing on the end user and the organization’s needs while including personalization features that contributed to higher employee engagement and global communication.

``On a scale of 1 to 10: 11 🙂 From my perspective, the PixelMill team had a solid understanding of the Microsoft platform and available frameworks through which to author the solutions. It gave me a degree of confidence that they delivered a solution that fits within the frameworks laid out by Microsoft and built-in a 'supported' manner. The technical knowledge showed. The communication was great.``

Vishal Seth, Manager Collaboration Technologies at NVIDIA

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