Wounded Warrior Project Modern SharePoint Intranet

Wounded Warrior Project, a non-profit that serves post-9/11 veterans in their journey to readjusting to civilian life, reconnects their remote workforce with a modern SharePoint intranet.

The Project

Wounded Warrior Project‘s (WWP) mission is to honor and empower wounded warriors and help them adjust with engaging programs that support their transition. Company culture is a big part of how WWP achieves this. WWP believes that the best way to support their warriors is to support their internal teammates. WWP needed to overhaul their intranet to be more useful and collaborative, so that their users can provide better support the warriors.

With +800 employees working across 25 different US locations and one German location, WWP needed an intranet that could truly bring everyone together, foster culture and accessibly house all the program information to support staff with seamless program delivery. It was important to create a truly engaging intranet that would integrate with their existing systems to support program delivery. Perhaps the biggest goal for the new intranet was that they wanted it to be fun! WWP wanted to create an intranet people would want to use, not something they had to use.


  • Microsoft 365
  • Microsoft SharePoint Online

Site Type

  • Intranet


  • 800+ Active Users


  • Non-Profit


Single Source of Truth

The old legacy intranet didn’t have version control so it’s a huge win that the intranet is now a trusted source of accurate information where staff enjoy browsing the latest news and updates as well as accessing the resources they need to perform their roles effectively. 

User-Center Experience

User experience was key for their new intranet. In addition to a content audit, we also did a card sorting exercises to determine how a user would experience the new site.

Previously, the old intranet was designed based on organizational structure. Now, the new intranet is based on user experience. 

“We benefitted from PixelMill’s expertise throughout the project, and especially with content & information architecture.”

 – Emily Gray 

An Intranet with Reliable Search Capabilities! 

The previous intranet had no search functionality so if you didn’t know exactly where a piece of content lived, you were out of luck. The new intranet enables seamless information retrieval.

The WWP communications team now takes pride in the knowledge the content on their intranet is reliable and supports their teammates every day with the important work that they do at WWP. This became even more valuable since the pandemic as their teammates navigate through a hybrid work environment.  

Empowered Employees

SharePoint has been a fantastic solution for WWP because employees can create and upload content as needed. Training set up by PixelMill made this process supremely simple.

“The great thing about SharePoint: it’s so easy to use. It’s really easy for anybody. And we were able to break down that fear that they wouldn’t be able to do it themselves. The way that we manage our site is that we actually have all our team self-generating content. We have an approval structure in place so we can maintain consistency. However, we want them to feel creative and be excited about it.

We empowered the team through training. PixelMill was a key component to that training. They built that training for us. They helped us deliver it. They gave us feedback. They left us with things that we can continue to train new content authors. This was really the best way to implement the entire site.”

– Emily Gray

Project Outcome

WWP’s new modern SharePoint intranet provides a central accessible location available to all users, enables collaboration with a new look, feel, and capabilities, and facilitates real-time communication and connection. Today, WWP’s intranet serves as a trusted and resourceful employee hub, and their stakeholders can measure and improve employee engagement furthering its impact on the employee experience. 

Since implementing the new SharePoint-driven intranet, we can confidently say that WWP achieved what they set out to do. 

The Numbers Speak for Themselves!

To quantify the success of the new intranet, WWP has seen:

  • A 14% increase in intranet engagement month over month since intranet launch
  • A 35% reduction in all-staff emails over 6 months
  • An over 90% decrease in ‘lost document’ productivity
  • More than 100x more monthly intranet visits
  • A 90% decrease in one-off document requests sent to the internal communications team


Learn more about WWP’s successful launch in our Webinar Recap | Wounded Warrior Project’s Modern SharePoint Intranet

A welcoming and engaging homepage with the ability to prominently display a feature story and a ‘quick look’ at upcoming events. 

Team members can communicate and share information in the ‘news/announcements’ section of the intranet. 

The ‘templates’ area of Mission Central has received a great response from the organization as it enhances productivity by providing access to up-to-date templates in one central location. 

Role-based areas of the intranet specifically support Leaders throughout the organization. 

``The most satisfying thing about our new intranet is that it’s become a place where teammates want to visit to genuinely connect with each other. Not only are users more connected to each other since we launched our new intranet, but they’re more connected to what we do at WWP, which is of huge importance to the organization. Collaborating effectively across teams has become easy and seamless, where it was once difficult and nearly nonexistent. With everyone going mostly remote due to Covid, our culture hasn’t suffered. In fact, our culture is shared and embraced through Mission Central every single day. Everybody uses it for their day-to-day, and what’s more is everyone is talking about the new intranet and the value it adds to their workday.``

``The PixelMill team acted as an extension to our internal teams. PixelMill was organized, resourceful, creative, informed, and timely. They made the project seem easy and we were able to execute in line with expectations. On top of their technical expertise, the team was easy to get along with and very helpful.``

Emily Gray, Communications Director, Wounded Warrior Project

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