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San Jose Evergreen Community College District encourages socioeconomic transformation across all four of their campuses by providing students a productive and progressive environment to pursue educational goals and meet desired career aspirations.

The Project

San Jose Evergreen Community College District (SJECCD) needed to create a unified public facing SharePoint site across all four of their campuses and administrative departments. Each campus site was required to remain unique to the school personality, while still serving as an easily accessible information and resource hub for current and future students. By leveraging the district's Strategic Communications plan, our team was further able to understand the unique presence at each campus. Our biggest challenge was ensuring that each identity remained distinct, while both the layout and user experience was uniform at each site.

Innovate + Design

  • Mobile-friendly & Responsive Design Across all Four Sites
  • Global Brand Identity Integration & Direction
  • UI/UX & Visual Design
  • Consistent Style Guide & Assistance in Creative Assets

Develop + Refine

  • User Interface Development
  • Front-end Branding Implementation
  • Custom Page Templates
  • Third Party Integration

Our Approach

Understanding the Project

During the project kick-off, members of our team along with our partner, Kiefer Consulting, visited with the San Jose Evergreen City College District's Chancellor, faculty members, and students to understand the overall project mission. Each member emphasized the need for consistent branding across all four sites, while still maintaining each campuses' individual identity. After the consultation, our team began working with Kiefer Consulting to establish the site requirements and develop wireframes that would meet those specifications.

Enhancing the Look and Feel

Upon completing the wireframes, our design team focused on enhancing the look and feel of each site through similar, yet custom designs and intuitive navigation. Each mockup had four different color palettes and font styles. With the same Masterpage for all four sites, we maintained a consistent page structure across all four school sites. However, through the use of custom style sheets and individually branded headers and logos we maintained each school's individuality.

Increasing Mobile Accessibility Through Responsive Design

It was also important that each site is used widely across each campus. Through simplified navigation experiences and Responsive Design, our team designed and developed mobile-friendly page layouts that allowed for the same level of accessibility across a variety of mobile devices.


Consistent Page Layouts

Distinctive Branding

Global Navigation

Unique Footer Navigation

Responsive Desigin

The Outcome

With each site designed to express the unique individuality of the four campuses, SJECCD students now have a personalized user experience when they visit their school's homepage. By keeping the core site structure similar across schools, students can easily navigate to the right resources and quickly familiarize themselves with similar campus policies and information. Ultimately, each of SJECCD's sites contribute to each student's unique educational experience, but also enhance district-wide and campus-wide communication.

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