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It’s crunch time at Santa’s workshop—and likely your office too! With much to keep track of in the ‘shop’, it’s easy to become a bottleneck for the rest of the team. One of the biggest killers of productivity is waiting for decisions from other team members. Thankfully, Microsoft teams makes it easy to keep approval workflows right in your flow of work by sending approvals through Teams messages! 

In Santa’s Workshop, Elves have different responsibilities for making sure each child gets the correct gift. One Elf, Hannah, from the electronics team pulls a VR headset from the shelf and gets it ready to send to Jasper in Peoria, Illinois. After getting it ready, Hannah sends an approval in Microsoft Teams to Jenny, the Elf Manager of Electronics for Santa. Jenny is a very busy Elf who spends a great deal of her day on Microsoft Teams and has many meetings and conversations. With Teams, Jenny can quickly accept or reject the approvals as they appear in the activity feed.  

As Santa and the Elves work extensively in Microsoft Teams, it is easy to manage all the approvals as the toys get  ready for this year’s Christmas delivery. 

How to send Approvals through Teams Messages:

To send an approval, Hannah clicks on the approval tab in Teams.  

That pulls up a popup to create an approval. 

On Jenny’s side she gets a notification in Teams in her activity feed. 

Clicking on the feed pulls up a popup to approve the request and Jenny can track her approvals both sent and received in the approvals tab in Teams. 

Santa and the Elves are thankful they have an easy way to send approvals where they are working. 

Are there workflows slowing down your team? Chat with one of our Microsoft Teams experts today and we can help you streamline your workflows, minimize context switching, and get Santa’s workshop working seamlessly. 

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