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SP Fest Chicago

Share Point Fest Chicago is rapidly approaching, the event itself should be dynamite and a warm place to escape from Chicago’s chilly weather. If you haven’t registered yet, you may do so (and receive a $200 discount) at The historical average high for this time of year puts Chicago at a blustery 37 degrees. Us Californians are definitely coming bundled up in our warmest winter clothes. Even with these cold temperatures we are going to enjoy the conference and make some time for some of the great sites a city like Chicago has to offer.
Chicago touts the second tallest building in the United States, the Willis Tower (previously named Sears Tower). From the Skydeck view’s (103rd floor) you can see many of the famous sports parks, Grant Park, Chicago River and most of downtown Chicago. Although along with the fame of Sears Tower comes long lines, even in the off season. If playing the waiting game is not your scene, you can also check out the Hancock Center. From the observatory of the Hancock Center (94th floor) you can see Lake Michigan, Willis Tower and a magnificent skyline view of the city. Read up on other pros and cons of visiting these two buildings here, as you will read it’s an ago old debate, even amongst Chicagoans.
Art & Culture
Chicago is well known for its theater scene, there are quite a few independent theaters and comedy clubs. It is home to the infamous comedy club The Second City, club that has been a long time feeder for comedians that have been featured on Saturday Night Live. Most comedy clubs (including Second City) have a cabaret style seating so be ready to make some new friends and have lots of fun!
If you’re looking for something quieter to do, I highly recommend the Art Institute of Chicago, it was definitely the highlight of my last Chicago trip for many reasons. The first being that it has a huge collection of impressionism and post-impressionism paintings. Seeing Monets and Renoirs in person is an awe inspiring site. In their collection they also have American paintings, Japanese, ancient works, American decorative arts, and modern works, a little of something for everyone!
Chicago Pizza
Chicago Style Deep Dish Pizza

Here at PixelMill we are your SharePoint branding experts, definitely not deep dish pizza experts. We’re going to take the easy route on this one and tell you that all Chicago style deep dish is amazing. I have personally tried all of the favorites Lou Malnetis, Ginos East, and Giordanos. Right about now is the time I reroute you to Nick Kindlesperger, the Chicago expert on the food blog Serious Eats, he wrote a very comprehensive blog post comparing many of the deep dish options in Chicago
[bctt tweet=”Chicago is a really fun city, even in the frigid winter, but what really makes an event like this is the community itself.”] Chicago is a really fun city, even in the frigid winter, but what really makes an event like this is the community itself. Whether you’re a seasoned SharePoint veteran or brand new to SharePoint make sure to make some friends. There is a cocktail reception for all attendees at the end of the day on Tuesday. As is SharePoint tradition some of the vendors should be hosting a SharePint in the evenings. The best way to find information about SharePint is to network with the people and ask around! Of course, if we get word of any SharePint information we will make sure to share it with you on our twitter. So when you’re in this great city next week for SharePoint fest Chicago, bundle up, see some sites, maybe laugh at a comedy club, definitely enjoy some Chicago style deep-dish pizza, but most important enjoy the SharePoint community and all the benefits that come with it.

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