Coupons and Credits, Easier to Use

With this weeks refresh of the PixelMill store, we have made it much easier to use coupons and credits during the checkout process. Now the coupons and credits fields are easily accessed through the main checkout section of the page versus buried in the right column. We didn’t intintially bury these fields the first time around, but customer feedback proved it was hard to find. Thus, we responded with a solution.
Coupons are our way of passing out a gift. We don’t often include them as a site-wide discount on the home page. We like to pass them out when you least expect it; for example, we might randomly provide a coupon code in response to a support or sales email, chat, or phone call. We’ll also place them at the bottom of some of our landing pages to promote that specific type of product. Or, we’ll have a little fun and randomly bury them in the site. It’s interesting to see some of the orders come through from people who have found some of these hidden gems.
Account credits ($$) have been available in the site for some time, but only through our PixelMill Refferal Program. Now, we’re really going to start using credits to your advantage. We’ll leave the mystery on how we’ll do this for a later blog, but we’ll give you your first chance to earn store credit right now. Anyone who leaves a comment to this blog, with the following information, will receive a $5 credit in their account. This offer ends October 15th, so act fast.
Required Information:
1) Username – Please provide your PixelMill username. If don’t have an account, create one now
2) Email address – This will ensure we can find your account and that we can contact you about your credit..
3) List five (5) things you like most about PixelMill.
4) List five (5) things you wish we would add or change.
We will not publish these comments to the blog. We may summarize the responses, but no usernames or email addresses will be published.
Over the coming months, we will be finding more ways to offer different discounts and incentives for using PixelMill. Watch the blog and the site for more details.

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Users are no longer able to store meeting recordings in #Stream (Classic). They will be stored in #SharePoint moving forward.

Awesome, right?

Now we can take advantage of the power of #SharePoint file storage with video! But there are some big gotchas.

Trying to decide between #PowerAutomate and #LogicApps?

It depends what you’re automating, and for who.

The Cliff Notes answer: #PowerAutomate is great for you personally. #LogicApps is best for automating org-wide.

{Webinar Recording} Is Azure Logic apps or Power Automate right for you? | Watch now! -

Stream's changing because no #M365 app is an island.

Islands in the #Stream
That is what they are
Recordings not Teams
or SharePoint, that’s wrong.
Sail away with Stream to a better world
we can rely on integration, ah-ha
from one app to another, ah-ha

It's the day of the show y'all!

Join #Microsoft RD + MVP @EricOverfield on today's episode of the #PixelMillWebinars to look at the difference between #Azure #LogicApps & #Power Automate and discover which is going to be right for you!

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