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We often receive questions from customers about adding a page to their site. Yes, FrontPage makes it simple to create a new blank page, File…New…Page. But, there are a couple of different ways to add a page when you’re dealing with a FrontPage template.
In years past, many of the templates included a page template that took advantage of the ‘page template’ features in FrontPage. This would allow a template user to select File…New…Page and they would select the corresponding page template for their site. This was slick, but we quickly found that it was not an ideal solution for the customer or the developer.
There is a better way……
It’s an old concept, but it’s simple, easy to do, and saves a lot of headaches. File…Save As, Yep, that’s right. 😉 It’s our recommendation to open the page you wish to use as the layout for your new page, select File…Save As, and name the new file to the desired name of the page. Then, you would simply modify the content on the new page to meet your needs. Don’t forget to change the page title and any meta tags.
You will find that this process is much easier to use. Plus, it ensures that your new page carries over any CSS, Includes, etc.
The following are a few links from our support area that may help further:
Creating a New Page by Saving an Existing Page
Creating a Page With a Page TemplateKeep in mind, most of our newer products do not use ‘page templates’.
Creating Web Pages in FrontPage

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