The Tune-Up | Digital Workspace Workshop

Start building your plan to make the most of your 2021 Intranet and Digital Workspace. With our Digital Workspace Tune-up Workshop, we’ll uncover opportunities for improvements in processes and workflows and build an actionable plan to take your digital teamwork to the next level.

digital workspace tune up

The Tune-Up Package:

2-Day Intensive Workshop with Leadership

We work together with your team to gather their valuable feedback and build a plan to take your digital workspace to the next level. 

  • Find gaps, pitfalls, and bottlenecks
  • Streamline and automate processes and workflows
  • Pinpoint tool duplication and make recommendations for out-of-the-box options to minimize third-party tool expenses
  • Set up metrics and analytics to track the value of your investment
  • Initiate user adoption and engagement techniques 
  • Establish feedback loops to keep your tool evergreen

What you get: 

  • Site Analysis 
  • Two (2) 4-hr Workshop Meetings with Leadership
  • Discovery Document – Summary of findings and recommendations from the workshop
  • Metrics & Analytics Documentation – Summary of findings and recommendations for measuring and tracking successes in
  • LOE to Implement Recommended Updates

Cost: $7,500

Tune Up your digital workspace
Digital Workspace workshop agenda

Workshop Agenda:

Day One

  • Introductions 
  • Why do a Tune-Up for your Digital Workplace?
  • Goals for the Tune-Up
  • Current State Walkthrough 
    • Intranet
    • Chat/collaboration platform
    • Additional collaboration tools inside/outside Microsoft 365
  • Microsoft 365 walkthrough
  • Assess current implementation workflow
    • How are updates handled now
    • Current Governance process
  •  Workshop Deliverables 
  •  Future Improvement Wishlist 
    • Possible Integrations 
    • Changes to process
    • New features
  •  Day One Wrap-Up / Q&A

Day Two

  • Review Workshop Goals and Day One Summary 
  • Review results from content audit and current state walkthrough
  • Create Tune-Up Roadmap
    • Digital workspace improvements and integrations
    • Architecture modifications
    • Governance
    • Setting up success metrics
    • Feedback loop
  • Tune-Up Wrap-Up / Next Steps

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