The Tune-Up | Digital Workspace Workshop

2020 will soon be behind us, and now is the time to start building your plan to make the most of your 2021 Intranet and Digital Workspace. With our Digital Workspace Tune-up Workshop we’ll uncover opportunities for improvements in processes and workflows and build an actionable plan to take your digital teamwork to the next level.

digital workspace tune up

The Tune-Up Package:

Hindsight’s 2020!

Let’s use what we’ve learned in 2020, work together with your team to gather their valuable feedback, and build a plan to take your digital workspace to the next level. 

2-Day Intensive Workshop with Leadership

  • Find gaps, pitfalls, and bottlenecks
  • Streamline and automate processes and workflows
  • Pinpoint tool duplication and make recommendations for out-of-the-box options to minimize third-party tool expenses
  • Set up metrics and analytics to track the value of your investment
  • Initiate user adoption and engagement techniques 
  • Establish feedback loops to keep your tool evergreen

What you get: 

  • Site Analysis 
  • Two (2) 4-hr Workshop Meetings with Leadership
  • Discovery Document – Summary of findings and recommendations from the workshop
  • Metrics & Analytics Documentation – Summary of findings and recommendations for measuring and tracking successes in 2021.
  • LOE to Implement Recommended Updates

Cost: $5,700

Tune Up your digital workspace
Digital Workspace workshop agenda

Workshop Agenda:

Day One

  • Introductions 
  • Why do a Tune-Up for your Digital Workplace?
  • Goals for the Tune-Up
  • Current State Walkthrough 
    • Intranet
    • Chat/collaboration platform
    • Additional collaboration tools inside/outside Microsoft 365
  • Microsoft 365 walkthrough
  • Assess current implementation workflow
    • How are updates handled now
    • Current Governance process
  •  Workshop Deliverables 
  •  Future Improvement Wishlist 
    • Possible Integrations 
    • Changes to process
    • New features
  •  Day One Wrap-Up / Q&A

Day Two

  • Review Workshop Goals and Day One Summary 
  • Review results from content audit and current state walkthrough
  • Create Tune-Up Roadmap
    • Digital workspace improvements and integrations
    • Architecture modifications
    • Governance
    • Setting up success metrics
    • Feedback loop
  • Tune-Up Wrap-Up / Next Steps

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