Does .travel or .jobs or Other New Opportunities Make Sense?

Situation: there’s a new type of ending available. Instead of .com, your site can be branded with .jobs, or .tv, or .travel or whatever. Should you do this?
Some people say yes, get started asap. They suggest migrating your entire site over.
I would say “look before you leap.” Some key questions to ask:
1. how is your site currently ranking on your priority terms?
2. if your site ranks well, why? Is it on-page factors, or is it because of links from external sites?
3. if it ranks well because of external links, do you have the resources to get all those links changed?
Some possible scenarios and outcomes:
–you create a new .travel domain and move all your content over, then set up a redirect on your current .com site to a new domain.
Possible outcome: your traffic plummets because the links from third party sites no longer assist the search engines in knowing what your site is about.
–you have spammed the engines and have zero presence in the engines currently
Possible outcome: getting a new domain including a new suffix gives you a clean chance to start over, a “get out of jail free card” if you will. Here, the new domains could be incredibly helpful.
–you create a new domain, link to it only from your existing domain
Probable outcome: without other links from other sites, the engines will probably ignore the site. What’s the opportunity cost of your time you’d be investing here?
Overall, look before you leap!

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