Dreamweaver 8: Better CSS Rendering

I recently installed Dreamweaver 8. I haven’t even begun to fully delve into the changes and improvements, but right away I knew that I was going to love it when I noticed how much better the “Design View” rendering of CSS-based layouts was. No more floating elements were forced to the bottom of the page; the page looked just as it would in any popular browser. With the ability to outline divs in dotted lines or to even color them with different background colors, working with CSS-based layouts has been made easier than ever.
Take a look! Here’s a CSS-based layout page (no tables used) in Dreamweaver’s Design View:
The visual aids button helps you to quickly toggle on or off the dotted borders, called CSS Layout Outlines:
You can also display the CSS Layout Backgrounds, which hides any backgrounds you’ve defined and gives each div its own background color. It’s very useful for figuring out what’s going on with your CSS layout.
I’ll be posting more Dreamweaver 8 tips and tricks as I discover or use them!

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