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Another trip to Vegas? I know everyone thinks it’s a great place, and it is… if you visit once every couple of years. I have to admit, I do enjoy it for a couple days each time I go. But, it does get a little crazy after a while. Fortunately, this trip included eBay Live and the completely different type of craziness that comes with that conference. You want to see a group of people who really love what they’re doing… go to an eBay Live conference!
This was my third eBay conference, and it seems to be getting better every year. I usually attend the preceding Developer Conference, and then stay for the eBay Live (Buyer & Seller) Conference. This results in a full week of ‘eBay’. Our primary goal in attending has been to build our relationship with PayPal (owned by eBay), but has expanded to focus on building templates for ProStores (an eBay Company), and will be further expanding to include eBay Auction and eBay Stores templates. We’re seeing the strong convergence between eBay’s three brands helping sellers effectively sell their products in a multi-channel environment.
This article would be too long if I wrote about the entire conference, so I’ll simply touch on some of the highlights and provide some recommendations on specific products and solutions that may interest you. Over the coming months we’ll further dissect the conference and provide more insight on how you might benefit from this giant, eBay.
ProStores – One of the key highlights for me was the chance to spend face-time with our newest eBay partner. We have been working closely with ProStores since March, but this was the first chance we had to meet the other key players. We received excellent feedback and suggestions from the ProStores staff about our release of ProStores-ready Templates, and had a few chances to speak to ProStores customers at their booth.
Most encouraging was the number of people who attended the ProStores sessions. There were a number of positive comments made by new ProStores users, which further solidified our confidence in the ProStores solution. It’s clearly obvious that ProStores is the right solution for customers new and old to ecommerce. If you have been thinking about starting or moving your ecommerce site, we highly recommend learning more about this ecommerce solution. Visit our ProStores landing page for more about our ProStores templates.
PayPal – Like ProStores, it was nice to have a chance to spend some more one-on-one time with the PayPal staff. It’s been a year since the launch of their Website Payments Pro solution and it’s becoming a huge addition to their already successful Standard payment products. Their also making serious strides in the internationalization of their solution. They expect to be operating in over 20 different currencies by the end of the year.
Now… we know there have been concerns about PayPal in the past, and there were a handful of ‘open-mic’ attendees who did not hold back in voicing their complaints. BUT, they finished by saying they really like the PayPal solution and voice their complaints in order to help promote change. As with any system, nothing is perfect, and there will be issues with any company/solution that goes through the rapid growth that PayPal has. I encourage you to reconsider the PayPal solution if you’re in the market for a transaction solution.
Over the coming months we’ll be doing more around the PayPal solution from adding more support materials on using their solution, to online training sessions, to soliciting a group of PayPal experts to help implement a PayPal solution for you. Watch our coming newsletters and blog for more.
Skype – As expected, Skype (a new eBay Company), who adds 2-3 new subscribers per second, played a large roll at the conference. This was especially true during the developer portion, so be on the watch for some exciting Skype add-on products this year. Points of interest:
SkypeOut, the feature that allows you to call landlines (or cell phones) from Skype, is free in the US and Canada through the end of the year. I would suspect (only speculation) that this will continue after the end of the year also.
Skype Accessories – Check out the latest in Skype compatible equipment. You’ll be surprised what you find.
Skypecasts – This is an interesting feature that allows you to host a Skype call for groups of up to 100 participants. I’ll give this a try and then report back in our next newsletter.
eBay Express – This is a new store from eBay that works more like a standard retail store. Approved eBay merchants can list their products on eBay Express in a Buy it Now format with one integrated shopping cart. Rather than trying to coordinate payment with individuals, this site allows you to pay for multiple products with one credit card in one checkout. I will be interested to see how this plays out, but it’s worth a look.
There is an endless amount of information that came out of the eBay Conference. I have only touched on a very small percentage of them here, but we will be integrating much of this knowledge in upcoming products, articles, support materials, blogs, and more.

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