Expression Web Designer – Expected Release Update

A recent article about Microsoft’s Expression family of products, including Expression Interactive Designer, Expression Graphic Designer, and Expression Web Designer, created some concern about the expected release date of Expression Web Designer. In the article, they reference an announcement by Microsoft that the Expression Suite is going to be pushed back until next summer and likely 2008.
Fortunately, this announcement does not include Expression Web Designer. Our sources at Microsoft reassured us that Expression Web Designer is still scheduled to be released before the end of the year. Microsoft has not set a specific release date for Expression Web Designer (or EWD as we like to call it), but remains confident that the product is still on schedule.
From my experience with the products at Mix06 in March, it’s apparent that EWD is not strictly tied to Expression Interactive Designer or Expression Graphic Designer, which are more dependent on each other. There are definitely elements that interact between the three products, but EWD can really stand on its own.
Based on this information, PixelMill will continue to move forward with developing and providing education and support information about EWD and continue further development of templates for EWD.
One update we have already made to the site is the addition of product specifications that allow PixelMill Product Developers to mark if a product is compatible with Expression Web Designer. You will start to see products marked as compatible with ‘EWD’ and/or ‘Expression-ready’. These represent that the product has been tested to work with the current beta version of Expression Web Designer. You’ll also see that many of these compatible products are also marked as compatible with ‘SD 2007’ (SharePoint Designer 2007) and/or ‘SharePoint Designer-ready,’ so these products have also been tested to work in the current beta version of SharePoint Designer 2007.
We hope this clears up any concerns about the expected release date of EWD. We are committed to keeping you informed about future developments with Expression Web Designer and SharePoint Designer 2007. Watch the newsletter and our blog for more.

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