Festivus for the Rest of Us | PixelMill’s First-Annual Airing of Digital Workspace Grievances

For those who aren’t Seinfeld fans or have never seen the Festivus episode (Official episode title: The Strike), here’s a nice primer on it. Essentially the holiday is a rebellion against the consumerism of the holidays, and Seinfeld’s episode takes it to hilarious heights. 

My favorite Festivus tradition is a ceremony called the ‘Airing of Grievances’ in which people share how individuals have ‘disappointed them throughout the year.’ While it’s cathartic to get out our frustrations, too much of a bad thing can be, well… you get the picture. So, when planning our Festivus, we decided to add positivity to the whole event.

And so, the first-annual Airing of Digital Workspace Grievances was born!

To make the ceremony truly effective, you must follow three steps: 

1. Air grievances.  


2. Participating parties validate said grievances. 


3. Come together to find a solution. *

“Let’s schedule a virtual lunch and order in DoorDash for the team! ”

*Seinfeld characters do not actively engage in step 3.  

We only required attendees to follow 2 Rules to participate: 

1. Be kind.  

Keep your grievances targeted at the real enemies (Viruses, Frustrating features, and the Metaverse). 

2. Have fun! 

We want this to be a chance to let off some steam!  


While we wanted this to be a fun organic exercise, we encouraged team members to come with a list of grievances so they could shout them with conviction. 😊  


  1. Too many duplicate apps/features! Which tool is right for the job? 
  2. Too many new apps/features before old ones are fully baked!! 
  3. I want legs in the metaverse to show off my new kicks!!! 

What I love about the ceremony is it’s a way to tackle any issue. Define the problem, acknowledge the frustrations associated with it, and find a solution together.

Here’s an example of how we worked through a frustration as a team:

Someone’s grievance was, “I hate having to scroll through my Teams to find the channel I need.” Several team members commiserated with similar struggles. Then, Kunaal, our UI/UX expert, came in with the game-changing solution. “Guys, you just have to use the filter function to teams to find the channel or team you seek.” 
When you’re in the Teams window, click the hamburger menu.  

Then start typing in the channel name or team you need …

His tip instantly saved several team members substantial time and heartache! We also shared how we each pin, categorize and organize your Teams and Channels, which was eye-opening and enlightening. So, the moral of the story is don’t suffer alone! Share your frustrations because someone just might have a quick fix!


What digital workspace grievances do you have? Shout them out in the comments. Would you like some help finding solutions to your digital workspace woes? Chat with a PixelMill Digital Workspace specialist today!  

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