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It is just about Christmas. Has anyone tried to optimize for Froogle, ? Here are a few observations, based on a client’s experiences.
Still in beta, this site is in my opinion has both its advantages and disadvantages relative to other comparison shopping services. But being from Google, it is going to get a lot of traffic and press so is worth knowing about.
Froogle seems to “cluster” products, even if they are not exactly identical. So, if several vendors are all selling “smoked salmon”, and they have a sku called “smoked salmon gift box”, these offerings likely will all be grouped together – even if some of them are a small box of 8 ounces, while others are a giant box containing 20 different items.
What’s the key to not having your products clustered, but instead having a distinctive listing? At this time, it appears to be the way the products are labeled. The Title one uses when submitting to Froogle is very important.
So what do you do if your site has been picked up automatically by Froogle’s spiders? The solution seems to be to submit your own spreadsheet of listings. The FTP method didn’t work for us, but the Google direct upload did.

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