Ignite 2018 Keynote – Tech Intensity

Ignite 2018 officially kicked off with a visionary keynote by Microsoft CEO, Satya Nadella. You can watch the entire keynote, which I highly recommend.  
The keynote itself began with an introduction by Julia White, CVP at Microsoft. She eloquently described Microsoft Ignite + Microsoft Envision as the intersection of business and technology. Ignite is all about learning and connecting and I couldn’t agree more.  
I look at Satya’s keynote as the pulse on the health of the role of technology today. Microsoft brings together developers, IT professionals, and business leaders under one banner with Ignite and Envision. This cross-section of all organizations provides us with a venue to look at technology as a whole and how it affects everyone.  
As Satya said, computing is being embedded into the everyday world. Think about that for a second. Years back it was, “a computer on every desk, running Windows.” What is a computer now? Is it just your laptop or desktop? Of course not. There are over nine billion (with a B!) microprocessors or other connected devices (i.e., IoT). Wild!  
To capitalize on this growing computing embedded in our life, we need, as Satya said, “Tech Intensity.”   
Tech intensity will be the buzz phrase of the week, and far beyond. Tech intensity will require two primary pillars, tech adoption and we need to of course build the technology. As Satya said, it does not matter what business you are in, you are a digital company. You will be adopting new or additional technology, and to successfully compete in the marketplace, you will be building new technology in one way or another.  
In the early 1900’s when Thomas Edison introduced electricity, less than 5% of manufacturing was electric, most others used steam or some other form of energy. Organizations had invested in specific technologies and did not see the value of new tech. Along comes Ford who he created a new plant-based around electricity and changed the auto industry. Those auto manufacturers that were unable to respond in kind are now relegated to the annals of history.  

Microsoft’s success is based on our success.   

Throughout the remainder of Satya’s keynote, he provided many real-life examples of how organizations are successfully innovating, developing, deploying, and utilizing AI, Azure, Azure Blockchain, Microsoft 365, ML, and much more, to change the way they all conduct business. Examples came from such companies as Royal Dutch Shell, CBRE, Buhler, BMW, H&M, and Eli Lilly.  

Tech Intensity in Practice 

Satya provided another example of tech intensity in practice. Three very large organizations, Microsoft, Adobe, and SAP got together to seek a solution to a common problem of internal and external data silos. We have data all over the place, and these three companies saw the benefit of joining efforts and breaking down small siloed data challenges.   
They announced a new open data initiative to help streamline the movement of data. Never underestimate the value of trust. Without security and trust, there will be friction in how we transform digital technology. Security and trust: Technology, Partnerships, Operations.  

AI for Good – AI for Humanitarian Action  

The keynote ended with a new announcement, AI for Good – AI for humanitarian Action, building off AI for the environment, accessibility, and great evolution.  
So the question is: What does tech intensity mean to you?  

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Are you preparing to launch a new #SharePoint #intranet?

Don’t spring it on employees out of the blue. First, talk to as many of them as you can.

Planning is just phase one. For all of our tips, watch our recent webinar with @EricOverfield!


Are you preparing to launch a new #SharePoint intranet?

Don’t spring it on employees out of the blue. First, talk to as many of them as you can.

Planning is just phase one. For all of our tips, watch our recent webinar!


It's that time again! Join #Microsoft MVP & Regional Director, @EricOverfield on Thursday, October 28th, at 11:00 AM PST as he walks through #MicrosoftViva’s current state & offerings and what they mean to your #digitalworkspace right now.


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