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(DAVIS, CALIF.) – May 9, 2008 –, a provider of design solutions for Web site builders and content managers, today unveiled a series of new content management system Web templates that gives all levels of Internet users the ability to easily and instantly edit content areas of Web sites from within ordinary Web browsers.
By combining the professional graphic design of pre-designed Web templates with the power of Microsoft’s SharePoint-driven content management system (CMS) interface, PixelMill has introduced an unprecedented level of Web design and content management simplicity. With support from Windows SharePoint Services (WSS) experts B4Contact to develop the new Web template products, PixelMill crafted for business professionals a site building and content management solution that enables virtually any staff member with minimal Web experience and training to contribute to and dynamically edit and update a company’s Web presence.
“With today’s tightening economy and the rapid decentralization of employees and business partners, establishing a Web presence built on a centralized collaborative tool like SharePoint makes good business sense,” said PixelMill CEO Jason Reckers. “This new approach removes virtually all obstacles for businesses to quickly create, deliver and manage a world-class Web presence.”
PixelMill advanced this initiative to provide users the customer-centric focus of past Web sites and the collaborative features of today’s social collaborative sites which bring together employees and business partners into a secure online environment.
Content management system Web templates from PixelMill are used from within ordinary Web browsers. The templates are first loaded onto a Windows SharePoint Services web server in a process very similar to publishing a standard web site. Hosted Windows servers running SharePoint services are available from a growing number of Windows-based hosting companies, including SharePoint experts at Frontpages Web Hosting Network and B4Contact (in Europe), and other large Web site hosting companies.
With the template loaded, staff members given permissions may login and start making edits and most common changes to content areas of the site from within the browser. The innovative Web browser interface allows for the easy addition of pictures, graphics and images, extra pages, and the ability to modify navigation bars, instantly edit and update content areas with full “rich text” capabilities.
Leveraging Microsoft’s Windows SharePoint Services to drive the simpleCMSTM templates follows a series of moves by PixelMill to make Web site building cost effective, easy to manage, and scalable for web presence growth especially for small and medium sized businesses. Among its more recent moves to make Web site building and editing easier, PixelMill introduced in October 2007 a new catalog of Web Themes and Template “Skins” specifically designed for Windows SharePoint Services 3.0 to give novice and progressive Web enthusiasts the ability to transform the “out-of-the-box” SharePoint site design into a variety of customizable designs.
PixelMill’s new content management system Web templates are designed as flexible, cost effective packages that give small to mid-size businesses a solution they can grow with for internal team and external partner collaboration, as well as on-the-fly maintenance of their own public-facing web site. In addition to its new SharePoint-driven Web templates, PixelMill’s other SharePoint services include custom design work for WSS and MOSS (Microsoft Office SharePoint Server). Having contributed to more than 60,000 Web sites, PixelMill’s adaption to back-end solutions allowed it to quickly introduce to the design and developer market enterprise solutions that offer increased flexibility and choices in implementing the look and functionality of SharePoint products and services.
Established in 1998, PixelMill serves as the Web’s central source of solutions for Web site builders and content managers. PixelMill’s extensive digital library features high quality templates and tools – guaranteed royalty free and free of copyright concerns – including more than 2,000 Web, Microsoft® Expression® Web, SharePoint Designer, Adobe® Dreamweaver®, FrontPage®, and HTML templates, 1,800 PowerPoint® templates, 9,000 stock images, and 4,500 royalty free music tracks.
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