Making Accessibility Easy

Dreamweaver makes accessibility a few steps easier!
First, let’s look at the accessibility report tool, which was also available in some previous versions of Dreamweaver. If you go to Site > Reports, you can check the Accessibility report option and then click Run.
In the Reports panel, look first for the red X’s, which signify where your page actually failed.
You can then fix the problem or click the “information” icon in the left of the panel to learn more about why it’s a problem.
The other question marked items are things that need to be manually checked. Glance through the list and look for possible problem areas.
One of my favorite features about the new Dreamweaver is that when you insert a picture, a dialog box automatically comes up for you to add ALT informatin or a Long Description link:
No longer do I have to remember to add the ALT description – Dreamweaver 8 makes it easy!

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