Mistaken Identity Results in a Call

How well can people find you by name? Today I received a call from a person in Florida looking for help with a dental site location study. She said “the development people in Boynton Beach said you do marketing analysis.”
I talked with her some. I do have clients in Florida, and I thought “could one have them have a person who moved into a new role.” Well, it turns out, the people at the development office had given her the name “marketek” and she then did a search in Google. There are other firms with Marketek in their name, but after looking over several sites, she thought mine must be the correct one.
We had a good chat. I suggested some ways she could find some of the information she was looking for.
This makes me wonder: are other “marketeks” getting calls I should be getting? Hopefully not, my site is 2nd in both Google and Yahoo on a search for “Marketek”, and the description clearly points to web marketing and search strategy.
The first place company is described as an urban revitalization company. Perhaps this is the one the development people had in mind. However, their description doesn’t mention anything about helping companies with site locations, especially small businesses, or helping with market analysis.
Is your description correct? Type in your company name, possibly plus some modifiers by geography or by line of business. If you don’t like what you see, then fix your Title and Description metatags, or possibly the page text on your site.

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