Mobile Templates for ProStores!

You asked for them, we listened. Finally there are mobile templates for the ProStores platform and only we have them.
Check them out now:
ProStores Mobile Templates
Would you like to see what this looks like on a mobile device? We have applied our basic template to Go ahead and load that site on an iPhone, iPod, most Andriod phones and most modern Palm devices.
The world is going mobile, we all know this. More and more, consumers are using their mobile and smart phones to research and buy online. ProStores is a great ecommerce platform for many, but unfortunately there have not been readily available templates for the ProStores platform that work on mobile browsers. Well finally there is.
Basic Prostores Mobile TemplateWe built a series of simple mobile and smart phone templates that can run along side your standard ProStores web store. This way when someone visits your e-commerce site using a stardard browser, they will view your normal site, but if they visit your e-commerce site using a mobile or smart phone, they can now view your site using a smart phone optimized version of your site. This will make it easier for your mobile users to research you and your product.
We had to start from scratch on this one as currently the ProStores platform does not include a CSS layout based store version. We started from the ground up and rebuilt over 80 different page templates included in a standard ProStores web store to be able to provide mobile templates that not only function well, but look great on an iPhone, iPod, Andriod based phone, etc. This includes your catalog and search pages, account pages and the entire checkout process. That’s right, your customers can purchase your products directly from their mobile or smart phones!
Since this is a new product, for a limited time, we are offering our Basic ProStores Mobile Template for free. That’s right, free! Why you might ask? Because we think it’s time for all ProStores merchants to enter the mobile world and we want to help you get started. It’s just another sample of the services that we offer to help make your ProStores web store successful. Would you like to try this template out at no cost to you? Give us a call at 866-749-3564 or email us a
Because these templates are rather complex and ProStores doesn’t offer a way to automatically install mobile templates, we will even install the template for you. There is no catch, no extra fees, we are not going to give your email address away, none of that. We are offering customization services though including modifying your logo to fit within the mobile template, customizing colors, etc. Do you want a completely custom mobile template? No problem, we can help.
Tell us what you think.

One thought on “Mobile Templates for ProStores!

  1. Matt Montgomery May 5, 2011

    Nicely done Eric!

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Are you preparing to launch a new #SharePoint intranet?

Don’t spring it on employees out of the blue. First, talk to as many of them as you can.

Planning is just phase one. For all of our tips, watch our recent webinar!

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