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Recently released template packages for PowerPoint provide over 100 products for only $198. You’ll receive 100 templates built with Microsoft PowerPoint, 120 easy-to-use diagrams (PowerPoint generated graphics), and over 400 pieces of clipart elements.
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With so many web templates for FrontPage and Dreamweaver, many customers miss that we have an excellent collection of Presentation Templates for Microsoft PowerPoint. Our templates were built in PowerPoint, include multiple slides, color scheme options, and often include PowerPoint graphic decks. Some even include Flash movies that add that extra touch of professionalism.
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In this session:

- #OKR fundamentals, including how to write an effective #OKR
- How to champion an #OKR program
- What #VivaGoals is & how it can help your #OKR program thrive
- How to install & get #VivaGoals running in your workspace today!

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