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Users are no longer able to store meeting recordings in #Stream (Classic). They will be stored in #SharePoint moving forward.

Awesome, right?

Now we can take advantage of the power of #SharePoint file storage with video! But there are some big gotchas.

Trying to decide between #PowerAutomate and #LogicApps?

It depends what you’re automating, and for who.

The Cliff Notes answer: #PowerAutomate is great for you personally. #LogicApps is best for automating org-wide.

{Webinar Recording} Is Azure Logic apps or Power Automate right for you? | Watch now! -

Stream's changing because no #M365 app is an island.

Islands in the #Stream
That is what they are
Recordings not Teams
or SharePoint, that’s wrong.
Sail away with Stream to a better world
we can rely on integration, ah-ha
from one app to another, ah-ha

It's the day of the show y'all!

Join #Microsoft RD + MVP @EricOverfield on today's episode of the #PixelMillWebinars to look at the difference between #Azure #LogicApps & #Power Automate and discover which is going to be right for you!

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