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Convert PowerPoint Presentations to Flash in minutes….
Two years ago, I was first introduced to an impressive product that converted PowerPoint presentations into Flash movies. Though Microsoft had made some strides in making PowerPoint presentations viewable on the web, PowerCONVERTER from PresentationPro quickly proved to be a winner. Making PowerPoint presentations available online, to a broad audience, was now realistic.
By overcoming the size limitations of PowerPoint presentations and taking advantage of the then fairly new Flash multimedia technology, PowerCONVERTER was able to create significantly smaller Flash (.swf) presentation files that could easily be viewed online by anyone with a Flash player. PresentationPro continues to enhance the converter with new features such as animation, audio, and video support as well as more optimized Flash files.
Back when I first spoke to PresentationPro, we decided to do a trial run as an affiliate by providing a link to the PowerCONVERTER product. I think the link did ok, but I believe we’re all learning that it is better to give customers the option to buy immediately from the site they’re on versus sending them to another site. About a month ago, PresentationPro approached us with the idea of selling PowerCONVERTER directly. They had noticed the same trend as us that the overall PowerPoint market for templates and add-ons was growing again, and that PixelMill’s market share was also growing in this area. This all combined for an easy answer…”yes”.
With a few tweaks to the PixelMill site, we are now ready to sell PowerCONVERTER direct to our PowerPoint and Web Template customers.
That’s right web folks, this is a very valuable and profitable tool for you also. How many times have you had customers ask you how they can get their PowerPoint presentation online? If it hasn’t happened yet, don’t be surprised when you start to get a rush of requests. More and more presenters are learning that they can effectively take their presentation, designed for a live audience, and open it up to a much broader, less time-sensitive audience online. Now, all they have to do is send you the PowerPoint (.ppt) file, you run it through PowerCONVERTER (only takes a few minutes), and blammy you have a happy customer and billable time. For only $399, you will more than realize a return on investment. You will see that this product gives you the opportunity to approach your customers with a new and exciting solution to their nagging problem of adding more compelling content to their site. I have been using it for years and have continually been impressed.
Learn more about PowerCONVERTER, and download it today for only $299!
Go to PowerCONVERTER at PixelMill…..

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