No Site Sound = Lost Sale – Even For My Mom

On Saturday, I went to Costco. One reason was to see what bikes they had that could be good for my parents, who are in their early 70s. I looked them over, looked at the tags, but didn’t see a web site for the bike maker.
Hmm, now that’s odd. Later I started searching for the brand on the web. I found a few references of people saying the bike they’d bought at Costco was ok – but still no web site for the maker. I told my parents I could not find out anything about the company because I couldn’t find their web site in Google. Before I could add anything else my mom said “ok, we won’t consider them.”
Well the comments from customers were ok, but it was really odd they didn’t have even basic info to help figure out what the bikes are like that I could have forwarded to my parents.
Also a surprise: didn’t even carrry this particular brand, they had much more expensive models but not the sames ones in their store.
All in all it was a really strange experience to look but not find anything . I particularly wanted to learn about the brakes and gears. Costco generally has good products, but I would like more than their brand behind the product.
Search matters. This bike company probably didn’t think people would care about how it does in the engines, but in this case it dissuaded a potential customer from learning more.

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