Off to SharePoint Conference 2012 in Las Vegas

The bags are packed and I am ready to go.
My team and I have been feverishly working towards SPC12, held next week in Las Vegas. The booth is ready, the handouts have been printed, the demos have been created, tested and are ready for all of you to review. It is going to be an exciting week and I hope to see all of you there. Find PixelMill at booth #765.
Last I heard we are well over 10,000 attendees! That is thousands more than last year. It is going to be an amazing mix of SharePoint movers and shakers. By the way did you see Forbes’ list of the top 25 most influential people in SharePoint? I am really looking forward to reconnected with all of my SharePoint friends from all over the world, be it long time friends, or new friends I have meet in just the last year. This is an event not to be missed.
I have a lot planned for SPC12 so to keep up here is a list for you. First, I will be blogging a few times a day either at my blog here or over at Dave Coleman’s SharePointEduTech. On my blog I intend to provide you my thoughts and insights into SPC12, while at SharePointEduTech I plan to provide you feedback and insights that I hear from others. This should be very exciting. Follow me on Twitter throughout the week at @EricOverfield and don’t forget to watch #SPC12. If you can’t find me at the PixelMill booth (#765, it’s right off the Pavilion in the middle of the hall), look from me either at the community lounge, Ask the Experts event or send me a tweet. Another good meetup spot is Eye Candy in the middle of the casino.
Did someone say party? Yes, every night there are vendor parties, the big Bon Jovi concert and more. You will find me and the rest of the PixelMill team there as well.
Ok, time to catch my plane. Safe travels everyone and I hope to see everyone soon.

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