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In June, PixelMill was invited by PayPal to participate in their 3rd-Party Developers booth at eBay Live!. During the conference we were pleasantly surprised to learn that PayPal had finally made the move that all PayPal merchants have been waiting for.
The new PayPal Website Payments Pro appears to have the makings of a valuable online transaction solution for small, medium, and even large merchants. This all-in-one payment solution allows merchants to better integrate PayPal into their transaction system at an overall lower cost than typical merchant accounts. No longer is there a need for your customers to leave your site to purchase with a credit card through PayPal.
Website Payments Pro works almost exactly like a typical online merchant account. Your customer uses your check-out pages to complete their credit card information. When they submit this information, your site will send the appropriate information to PayPal where they instantly provide an authentication and/or charge reponse. Thus, allowing you to instantly respond to your customer with an order confirmation. The actual customer experience is not any different than other online credit card transactions.
Last week we updated our payment options to include PayPal’s Website Payments Pro. Overall, we’re very satisfied with the implementation. We decided early in the process that we would run this new option side-by-side with our existing credit card option. In fact, you will see this option is only available after selecting the PayPal payment option. You’re then presented with the choice to use PayPal Express or Website Payments Pro. Running side-by-side allows us to get some real-world tests on their system while providing customers with yet another payment option.
Similar to other online transaction systems, you will need to know how to code with HTML, a scripting language (PHP, Perl, ASP, etc.), and have some experience with SOAP. To learn more about the technical side, visit PayPal’s Technical Overview page.
We encourage you to select a PixelMill template and give this payment option a try. When you reach Step 3 – Payment Options, choose the ‘Pay by PayPal’ option. This brings you to the choice of paying with PayPal Express or completing the credit card form to pay with a credit card. We would really like your feedback on this experience. As compensation for your help, in this early testing phase, we will add $5 in store credit to any customer account that uses the Website Payments Pro option before November 1st.
We also encourage you to learn more about the new PayPal Payment Options. We have long considered PayPal one of the best long-term options for online transactions. We’ll keep you posted on our experience.

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