PixelMill Attending Microsoft SharePoint Conference 2011

Microsoft’s SharePoint Conference is the world’s premier event dedicated to the SharePoint platform and its related technologies. This year Microsoft’s SharePoint Conference 2011 will be held in Anaheim, California October 3 – 6 and will feature over 240 sessions focusing on SharePoint 2010 best practices/guidance, cloud services and real world experiences. PixelMill is excited to announce we recently confirmed we will be attending as an exhibitor offering our SharePoint Branding expertise and services.
PixelMill has worked with SharePoint for years providing companies and organizations branding solutions for their SharePoint projects. From easy to install SharePoint templates to full custom, public and private facing SharePoint web design, PixelMill’s expert design team provides a full range of branding services to meet the needs of the SharePoint community.
This will be the first time we are attending the conference as an exhibitor and we are excited to present our SharePoint branding services. As more companies and organizations focus toward cloud based web applications to streamline business operations, SharePoint 2010 is emerging as the preferred platform because it offers an enormous amount of flexibility. Companies and organizations can efficiently collaborate internally, better manage its business systems and documents, and even build an external layer for its customers from within the same system. But developing, deploying, and administering SharePoint projects is often overwhelming as much of the resources are dedicated to ensuring a functional experience. As a result, the visual end-user experience is often neglected.
PixelMill’s SharePoint web design professionals offer branding services that connect the functional needs with the end-user’s desired experience. If you’d like to see more about our solutions, see our SharePoint branding and design page.
If you plan on attending this year’s SharePoint conference, we invite you to stop by and meet the team.

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