PixelMill Blog Returns

After a long hiatus, the PixelMill Blog returns! This step back into blogging marks our return to a coordinated effort of proactive communication with PixelMill customers, and the industry in general.
We, at PixelMill, have been extremely busy over the last year working on a number of valuable additions and updates to the site. These include a new user interface, advanced searching and sorting tools, a growing catalog of standards-based Dreamweaver templates, FrontPage templates and HTML web templates. Plus, new image partnerships with Jupiterimages‘ properties Photos.com and Ablestock. But, these updates are only the beginning of a series of positive changes you will see in the coming months. PixelMill is well positioned to bring an expanding array of new products, features, tools, and partnered services.
We have received many positive comments, and hope that all of you have enjoyed the changes. Please let us know if you have any suggestions, comments, or product ideas. We’re always very interested in working toward valuable web site template solutions.
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